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I was dragged while growing up because of my voice – Tems



Tems, a Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, has stated that she was dragged because of the tone of her vocals.

Tems told The Cut that she didn’t start speaking until she was three years old. She claimed that growing up, she was self-conscious since her voice did not sound like other females’.

Recall that the singer earlier mentioned that she started recording music since she didn’t have any pals.

“I was bullied to the point of tears and was a target of ridicule. This led to the belief that I sounded like a boy, or a frog, with the impression that my voice was ugly.

“I was always in my little world. When I did make friends, I would try to make them sing my songs, and other girls had these sweet, high voices and my voice had a bass.”

Meanwhile Tems recently revealed that she would probably keep things simple if she had the chance to have dinner with Barack Obama, a former US president.

Tems stated in an interview with Notjustok that she doesn’t mind seeing Obama in jeans since he placed her song “Me & U” on his playlist for 2023.

The performer stated:

“If Barack Obama invited me for dinner, I think I will wear jeans. I want it to be a nice chill vibe. He’s already been a president. Why do we have to make things so formal?.”

As she discussed her attire and other topics throughout the interview, the singer received a variety of responses



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