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“I once dated two men and they knew each other” -Monalisa Stephen drops more shocking details about her love life [Video]


Monalisa Stephen
Monalisa Stephen

Plus-size model and advocate of body positivity from Nigeria, Monalisa Stephen, has revealed yet another shocking detail about her love life.

The controversial actress stated that she is in an open relationship with two men in a recent interview.

She claims to be seeing someone, but given that they are not engaged, she is open to dating additional men, particularly if they impress her.

She claimed to have dated two men in the past who were acquainted.

“I am in an open relationship before now I was dating two guys and they knew about each other.

I am seeing someone presently but the person is not seeing me, since I am not married I can see someone else”, she said.

“My boyfriend once had sex with me 27 times in a day” – Monalisa Stephen

Monalisa Stephen, a Nigerian actress, has stirred up social media once more as she discloses new information about her boyfriend.

Remember how Monalisa Stephen revealed on her social media page a few weeks ago that her boyfriend had engaged in oral sex with her while she was menstruating. Social media users criticized her for this comment and labeled her a liar.

Monalisa makes yet another bizarre disclosure, so it doesn’t seem as though she is bothered by the negative reactions to her bizarre revelation.

Monalisa revealed that she and her boyfriend once had sex 27 times in one day during an interview with YouTuber Korty.

“He fucked me 27 times, we were just together and it happened. One particular day I went to see him and he fucked me 27 times”, she said.



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