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“I have fulfilled my pledge” – Nigerian man says, shares receipts of ₦1.5 million paid for Mr. Ibu’s medical bills



A Nigerian man who goes by the name Asian Big Name posted a receipt on his Facebook page, showing a transfer of ₦1.5 million to the account of Nigerian actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu for his medical bills.

This comes in the wake of the Nollywood actor’s plea for financial assistance from fans and well-meaning Nigerians to cover his medical expenses, as he recently spoke from his hospital bed.

Nigerian man ₦1.5 million Mr. Ibu's medical bills
Nollywood actor, Mr. Ibu.

Despite claims that notable individuals have already covered his medical bills, there is no concrete evidence to support these assertions.

In the midst of this, a Nigerian man, Asian Big Name on Facebook, revealed that he had sent ₦1.5 million for Mr. Ibu’s medical treatment.

He shared on his social media page: “I, Asian Big Name, have fulfilled my pledge to our legend, Mr. John Okafor A.K.A. Mr. Ibu.”

“Our dear Mr. Ibu, nothing will happen to you. The joy and happiness you have brought us from my childhood to this day, you continue to put a smile on our faces.”

“We believe that the gods of our ancestors will protect you. Regardless of whether your health issues are caused by a man, a woman, or any human being, one thing is certain: you will emerge stronger and live to enjoy the fruits of your labor.”

You shall put all your enemies to shame, and anyone responsible for your illness shall face consequences.”

“Once again, I, the CEO of ASIABIGNAME and our group, wish you a speedy recovery. We stand by your side, dear father.”




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