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I Committed Adultery, will God forgive me?

A man of African descent, with black hair, wearing light blue collared shirt, gray pants and black shoes, kneels on a kneeler with soft beige cushion, as he closes and bows his head to pray, both hands together in praying position and resting on top of a beige confessional, that is separating his from a seated priest with balding gray hair, wearing a black clergy gown, white collar, a violet stole worn around his neck, black pants and black shoes, both of his eyes are closed in concentration

Ofego: pastor, I have sinned.
Pastor: my son, wat did u do? just confess wat u did exactly.God Almighty will forgive you.

Ofego: (sobbing), pastor I committed adultery with several of the female church members.

Pastor: can you mention their names and how many times you slept with each of them? You see for your forgiveness to be complete, you need to mention them so that we can also prayfor them.

Ofego: aaaaah pastor I can’t, I am ashamed.

Pastor: okay this is what we will do; after service, we will go to the church entrance together and watch members come out, once anyone you ve slept with comes out, just say ‘PAU’. The number of times u say ‘PAU’ will indicate d number of times you slept with that particular person…. And so they went to the church entrance.

*Head usher passes wriggling her buttocks*

Ofego: pau pau

pastor:the Lord forgive you my brother

*decon’s wife passes carrying her bible*

Ofego: pau

pastor: may the Lord forgive you.

*a choir member passes singing*

Ofego: pau pau pau

pastor: God will forgive you. Yes, he will.

* Lo and behold, pastor’s wife passes by and Ofego goes off like a machine gun*

Ofego: pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau paupau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau pau paupau pau pau pra papa pau

pastor: yeeeeeepaaaaa!!! shocked na Sango go kill you! angry God punish your father! God will never forgive you. angry




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