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“I Cant Stand Dem”- Shaffy Bello Shares How She Handles Gen Z’s Who Call Her by Name



Shaffy Bello, a Nollywood actress, demonstrated that she is a typical African woman in a recent interview with Stephanie Coker.

A few years ago, the mother of two, who was 50 at the time, warned that she would descend on young people who disrespected her and called her by name.

When asked if she had encountered Gen Z who addressed her by name, the actress said that she had.

She stated that the Igbos are not as respectful as the Yorubas, but they are not disrespectful. “Aunts” are older women.

According to her, everyone who calls her by name should be called aside and warned that he or she has no right to offend her because she has them as children.

The actress, who left her marriage to pursue performing, noted that youngsters show respect for elderly people by calling them “mam” even when they are not in the country.

Netizens have responded to the Nollywood actress’s interview. Here are some of the responses.

@yomiflawless: “Nigerian GenZ sees d!srepect as being woke especially when you don’t look your age

@lifestylezen: “I just find the word ‘dear’ really cringy and condescending. Let’s not pretend like we don’t know that word is condescending. Till you use the word for people that could have really helped your life.

@sophihair: “Hello GenZ baddies hope y’all learn and not claim this as an attack on your mental health.”

@bintaopaluwa: “Na Ebuka suffer this thing pass.”

@kingsliveth: “Igbo’s are wonderfully and respectfully made. IGBO’s take your flowers.”

@beautybyhabby_: “If we are not friend don’t ever use dear for me if you don’t want to be unfortunate.”

@officialevayoung22: “Especially those bbn house mates wey nor get respect. Ebuka don turn their mate.”

@glogeworld: “She’s very outspoken, bold, clean accent, intelligent, and class, and her charisma is top-notch! Wow! I haven’t seen her speak like this.”

@eddiemadaki: “Who else came to the comment section to see if anyone is talking silly?



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