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I cannot recognise Bukola as the Senate President – Tinubu


According to Simonateba.com, his comments were posted on @tvcnews_africa, the official twitter handle of his television station, Bola-Tinubu-BellaNaija-300x244Television Continental, but they have since been deleted.

 The deletion might be because of President Muhammadu Buhari’s resolve to work with Saraki and his counterpart in the House of Representatives, Honourable Yakubu Dogara, despite his reservations about how they were elected.

According to Tinubu, Saraki’s emergence as Nigeria’s no 3 citizen was a “kangaroo arrangement.”

He said: “I will never recognise such a kangaroo arrangement that produced Bukola as the Senate President, or how do you want me to recognise a man who deliberately defied his own party because of his personal interest? It is not done anywhere.

“Therefore, recognising Bukola as the Senate President after all he had done to our party today, having gone against the wish and pattern of our great party, honestly will amount to endorsing impunity, and wish you should all know I will not do that,” he said.

Tinubu, however, said he will endorse Saraki if the senate president shows remorse for his actions.

He said: “For me to recognise Senator Bukola as the Senate President, he must show remorse for today’s action. He had earlier promised to defy the party and the deed has been done. You don’t do that in politics.

“Personal interest must not override that of the party that beget you. It’s a spoken and silent rule of the game, which all and sundry must abide with.

“I’m not God, but as far as this party is concerned, I’m a leader and I know what is good for the party at the appropriate time.

“Speaking now is not for the party, but for myself. I cannot recognise Bukola as the Senate President,” he concluded..



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