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“I built a house for her and her mother, I changed her life,” Emeka Ike laments over ordeal with ex-wife



Emeka Ike, a Nollywood actor, has continued to vent his rage over how his wife treated him following their divorce.

In an interview with Rubbin Minds a few days ago, Emeka described how a false accusation of domestic violence from his ex-wife cost him his property and access to his children.

The talented role interpreter revealed that he returned from a business trip abroad to find his house had been moved and his school, worth millions of dollars, had been closed down. He claimed that when reports of him assaulting his wife circulated, he spoke with her and she denied it, unaware that she was the one behind the news.

Emeka claimed that his marital drama led him into depression, which drove him to hide from the spotlight because he was ashamed.

Still dealing with his messy divorce, the actor recounted in a viral video how he trained his wife in university, built a house for her and another for him, changed her life, and gave her his cars to drive. Unfortunately, his wife did not repay him well.

The actor expressed his heartbreak at having loved a woman who did not love him.

“I trained my wife in the University, I built a house for her, I built for her mother, I changed her life, I gave her my cars to drive anyone she wanted as a rich man’s wife but what did I get in return? I loved who did not love me”.

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