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“I Bought My First House 3 Years After Arriving Canada” Says Nigerian Man.

I Bought My First House 3 Years After Arriving Canada

A Nigerian man in Canada has recounted how his life changed for better when he left the country for Canada.

The story and experience of the man has gotten so many people interested and surprised on social media. The man had simply shared his Canadian adventure and acquisitions of a house after three years online and so many persons are marvelled and are already reacting to how he achieved this feat.

According to the man whose Twitter handle was given as @MRBRIKILA1, narrating his Canadian journey experience on Twitter, disclosed how he had to write IELTS examination three times before he achieved the required score to be qualified. He also explained how he sat and passed the nursing exam at the first sitting.

He further added that he bought his first house three years after getting to the North American country

He concluded his narrative by advising fellow citizens to take advantage of these opportunities abroad and never pass up any chance and available choice to leave the shores of the country for greener pastures.

In his words:

“Worked in a lot of hospitals and Nursing home…Bought my first house 3rd yr after got to Canada….it was not easy for sure but the difference is clear clear…”

While recounting his past experience, the man said there was a time he could not afford to raise N32k for IELTS despite working two jobs and driving a cab in Ikorodu area of Lagos.

He advised and encouraged his fellow Nigerians not to give up easily or allow people to discourage them, adding that it’s important to leave the shores of the country for greener pastures.

“Do not allow them to deceive you…Can they love Nigeria more than those political office holders that earns millions monthly? I said b4, there is a thin line btwn PATRIOTISM and suffering and smiling…Pls go to any Country of ur choice it’s very important to venture out…”

Meanwhile, some Nigerians took to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

A Twitter handle with the handle @rhamanlawal wrote:

“As Nigeria did not work for some people, it did work for others. While we all humbly find the place that works for us, remember not to curse the place that will work for others.”

@gustinegbe commented:

“He bought his first house in 3 years. That shouldn’t be less than $300k. If he was a nurse in Nigeria, he can’t even afford that kind of house after working for 35 years with 90k salary. And someone will call me and say it’s not greener out there. Agbaya everywhere.”


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

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