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I Am Not A Fraudster – Actress Ireti Doyle Cries Out

Actress Ireti Doyle
Actress Ireti Doyle

I Am Not a Fraudster – Actress Ireti Doyle Cries Out.

For the past few months, Veteran Nollywood actress Ireti Doyle was heavily accused by some social media users of supporting and aiding her daughter Abimbola to scam people by promoting her fake account.

The actress has been dragged for promoting her daughter’s fake account #kachi beauty products which she has been used to scam people online as she never delivers whatever she claims to be selling.

A post sighted online dragged the actress for failing as a mother as she wasn’t able to teach her daughter how not to steal from people and use the money she never worked for to enjoy herself.

Bimbo of #kachi beauty products has been dragged on social media by some Nigerians for not delivering what they ordered online and not even refunding their money back as it’s supposed to be.

And now, her mother Ireti is being blamed and dragged for failing as a mother for not being able to teach her daughter not to steal from others.

After several months of keeping silent, she finally reacted:


It’s been several months of what can only be described as cyberbullying, harassment, blackmail and slander.

My silence has been predicated on the hope that logic and objectivity will prevail…however it has not, and matters have come to a head.

Having given it sufficient time and consideration, this statement is being made, so that anyone who gets caught up going forward CANNOT say they haven’t been warned or were not aware.

For the avoidance of doubt:

1. I DO NOT own Kachi Beauty Products.

2. I DO NOT sit on the board of Kachi Beauty Products.

3. I have NO operational or administrative powers in relation to the business.

4. Kachi Beauty Products makes NO returns to me.

5. The owner of the business has stated this categorically and on more than one occasion via the official Instagram handle of said business @kachibeautyproducts

Therefore, I CANNOT and DO NOT speak for Kachi Beauty Products

While I understand the frustrations, the aggrieved persons should seek redress through the appropriate channels and by reaching out to the concerned party.

Please note, that anyone reaching out to me, or falsely stating contrary to the aforementioned using my name and image to post insults and spread malicious falsehoods is exposing themselves to legal action and will only have themselves to blame.

Respectfully yours,

Iretiola Doyle

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Source: Gistlover
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