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Husband chops off wife’s hands for failing to bear him children

bear him children
bear him children

Wonders and scandals indeed they say, shall never end especially when it comes to issues of relationships and marital unions.

As difficult as it is within the African context and particularly in Nigeria setting to comfortably get a perfect and suitable partner to get married to and stay married, so also it is, a very problematic and difficult proposition to avoid the interferences of third parties in young couple’s marriages who are perhaps struggling to live peacefully and make ends meet.

Perhaps issues such as gossips and subtle interferences by in-laws, friends and families who sometimes pose as advisers and counsellors in form of third parties, eventually end up destroying a marital union that probably would have survived on its own.

Situations such as these sort of incessant meddling in the lives of people’s marriages, be it a marriage that is just a few years old or even one that has lasted for a duration of year but passing through certain challenges; this, when unions as these are not properly managed by families involved, it obviously becomes extremely difficult and could lead to a divorce.

Another aspect that is worth noting is the pressure of children. There is this general belief within African and Nigerians that immediately after marriage the next agenda should be children. In fact this mentality has eaten so deep into the mindsets of most Nigerians that in some extreme cases, many men would want their partners to be pregnant for them before payments of dowry or bride price is made.

Another twist to this complicated situation is the fact of some women getting desperate and getting pregnant before marriage to enforce marriage on their boyfriends while the worst case scenario is that which involves women getting pregnant by cheating and giving the child to their present partners . in such instances, it could be before or after marriage. Sometimes there are alway reasons for such actions; either due to delayed childbirth or inability of their said husbands to father a child.

Whatever the case may be it is always very important that all necessary medical measures and test should be conducted prior to wedding ceremonies, as well as within the marriage itself, especially when faced with certain challenges in other to avoid unnecessary pressure and frustration with regards to issues of childbearing in marriage.

A news report revealed how a man out of frustration amputated his wife for failure to give him children in their marriage.

The ugly Incidence was said to have occurred as a result of anger and disappointment from the man who had long waited to father his own children for a duration of years. According to news sources the man has been handed a 30-year jail sentence.

The man’s who was 39 years of age and whose name was given as Stephen Ngila, was said to have chopped off the hands of Jackline Mwende with a machete.

A court in Machakos, Machakos County, has decided to jailed Stephen Ngila, for attempted murder as a result of the inhuman action carried out on his wife Jackline Mwende’s hands with a machete in 2016.

Reacting to the incidence in court, Justice Brenda Bartoo said the court had taken lots of events prior and after the incidence into consideration. They noted that the accused was not remorseful for the offence committed and therefore decided to give him that sentence to serve as a strong deterrent to others and to also make tge culprits realise the severity of his actions.


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