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How ‘juju’ was planted in my jacket while living in Davido’s house – Peruzzi



Peruzzi, a Nigerian singer, shares a disturbing experience in which he discovered a fetish item ‘juju’ planted on him while staying at his record label boss, Davido’s, residence in Lagos.

Peruzzi described the incident, saying that one evening after taking a shower, he reached for his jacket in the closet and, to his surprise, a fetish material fell from the clothing.

He claimed that the item was intended to harm him, but that it was rendered ineffective due to his strong mental fortitude.

Peruzzi discussed this disturbing encounter on the most recent episode of the Zero Conditions podcast.

In his own words;

“While I was staying at Davido’s house, one evening I took a shower and then went to the wardrobe to dress, I wore my shirt and pants. And then one jacket was just telling me, ‘Wear me, wear me.’

“I don’t know how to explain this but I carried the jacket and while I was trying to wear it, something fell and I looked I saw jazz tied and everything. Juju, better juju in my room in a jacket that just came from the laundry. Na say my head strong na e make I see am.”

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