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Rights Group Threatens To Sue Jaruma Over ‘Kayan Mata’

Kayan Mata
Kayan Mata


Embattled sex therapist, Jaruma has been given 72 hours to show regulatory certifications for her “kayan mata” product or risk facing legal actions.

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) made the threat.

Jaruma is a popular seller of “kayan mata” which, in Nigeria, are herbs or potions that act as love enhancers and aphrodisiacs.

They were originally used by married women to spice up sexual relations but have, over time, been peddled online as voodoo-like herbs for ladies looking to attract the attention of rich men or “secure” their man as Jaruma claims.

In the past weeks, Jaruma has been in a legal tussle with Ned Nwoko, the billionaire entrepreneur, over the product.

The sex therapist had made a case for the product’s efficacy and alleged its usage by Regina Daniels, Nwoko’s wife, in a social media row that prompted her arrest by the police and eventual arraignment for “criminal defamation”.

In HURIWA’s open letter made available to TheCable Lifestyle, the human rights group gave Jaruma a 72-hour ultimatum — from February 9 — to provide documents showing the regulatory approval for her product.

“We have observed with worries the controversies surrounding your business as a sex therapist and sales of a local aphrodisiac called kayan mata, which you claim are aimed at rescuing women from failed marriages,” the statement read.

“The evidence available seems to suggest that you are allegedly preying on impressionable women and as such has allegedly built an empire on the gullibility of desperate women.

“Can you contradict this allegation with empirical evidence and license from the Nigerian government?

“Allegations are rife of the use of voodoo and ‘juju’ dark magic alongside these products in order for your clients to successfully trap men and do their bidding after sexual encounters the male folk finds difficult to walk away from.

“Why is there a popular belief that your products can help young girls catch rich sugar Daddies? You have also portrayed that your ‘kayan mata’ which literally means a woman’s property is said to enhance love and intimacy and even make women receive expensive gifts from men out of inducement.”

HURIWA cited Section 419 of the Criminal Code stipulating the punishment for love scams and false pretenses.

The rights group, in the letter signed by Emmanuel Onwubiko, its national coordinator, also quoted Section 387 and 388 under the Penal Code that stipulates imprisonment for two years and/or with a fine to punish adultery.

It alleged that Jaruma’s clients are ladies seeking to win the hearts of married men, thus encouraging adultery.

“Adultery is a criminal offence under the Penal Code of Northern Nigeria. Although adultery is not prosecuted under the Criminal Code, it provides for redress if a spouse can prove that adultery occurred,” it added.

“We are not aware of any approval from NAFDAC. As such, selling of unlicensed love potion subject to permitted conditions under national or regional regulation and legislation is a crime and punishable.

“Are your products accredited? We are giving you 72 hours from the date of this publication to go to the media and repudiate the alleged efficacy of your products with an apology to the men and women you have allegedly induced.

“Failure to do so, we may very likely take legal steps to force relevant agencies to rise up and do their duty.

“Unless you show that your Kayan Mata is certified fit for consumption by NAFDAC (National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control) and the federal competition and consumer protection commission (FCCPC).”



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