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Governor Ortom Demands Nnamdi Kanu’s Release In America

Governor Ortom
Governor Ortom

By Uche Amunike

The Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has stated that the continued detention of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra as a socio-political challenge that needed to be tackled politically and therefore demanded that the Federal government should effect Nnamdi Kanu’s release with immediate effect, in order to join in the peace building efforts being made to restore peace in the country.

Speaking through a statement released by his Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Affairs, Peter Ichull, Ortom made the call about Nnamdi Kanu’s release after a group under the aegis of American Veterans of Igbo contraption paid him a courtesy visit in Washington DC, USA.

The governor opined that Nnamdi Kanu’s release was necessary, considering the fact that members of the Boko Haram sect who proved to be more dangerous to the country’s unity have oftentimes been freed, resettled and even integrated into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

He pressed that in order to achieve true unity in the country, there was a dire need for the South East of Nigeria to be given a sense of belonging in order to remove the impression of persecution of a particular part of the country.

He encouraged them to believe in One Nigeria, because every country in the world had its own challenges and reiterated that power shift to the South East could be achieved if the people of that region put their differences aside to embrace the objective in unity.

He explained that his reason for calling for the freedom of worship did not have so much to do with protecting the rights of Christians. It was rather that all Nigerians will have the freedom to practice their faith without intimidation or molestation in any part of the country.

While reminding South Easton Nigerians who lived abroad that charity begins at home, he thanked the group for appreciating his little contributions to National discusses, adding that ‘There is nowhere better than home, but only Peace and Security can guarantee the success of your investments back home.’

He went ahead to advise the veterans to support the peace moves in the South East, so that both the communities and investments will experience sustainable growth and prosperity.

The President of the group, Dr Sylvester Onyia extolled the governor for his fearless position on Nigeria’s ills, while insisting that it was only such a perspective from leaders that could build bridges of understanding and give hope to despairing Nigerians living outside the country, that it was  possible to have One Nigeria.

They however expressed their fears for the 2023 general elections, considering the rate of insecurity in the country and called on Governor Ortom to be relentless in pursuing the best security options.

They assured the governor of their support in adding their voice to their representatives in the American Congress in the area of peace building, saying: ‘You are not alone; we are with you. Continue speaking the truth; truth is the manifestation of God.’

The Vice President of the group, Dr Prince Nduka, Nigeria’s former Ambassador to South Africa, Dr Ajulu and the group’s PRO, Dr Ofo were parts of the delegation that visited Ortom, who in turn, stood his grounds that Nnamdi Kanu’s release was imperative for true unity in Nigeria.



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