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Borno State, Gov Shettima confident of Conquering Boko Haram terrorists.

Gov Shettima
Gov Shettima

Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Given the recent robbery attacks, assaults kidnappings murder and killings perpetrated by hoodlums bandits, herdsmen, and Boko-haram terrorist groups, all over the country especially in the northern region, where stories of have numerous deaths have been recorded, the state governor of Borno,
Kashim Shettima has conveyed some messages of hope and reassurance to the citizens of the nation by remarking that Boko Haram will be eventually defeated in the ongoing fight being directed against the Federal Government and by extension the great people of Nigeria.

The state governor made this disclosure last week Tuesday, in Maiduguri, while communicating with members of the press, with regards to the 234 school children, who were students of Government Girls Secondary School (GGSC) in Chibok, and he went further to state that these were trying times and that the kidnapping of these naive and vulnerable young girls was just a signal and a trial from God.

He however in a press statement, reaffirmed his utmost concern and sensitivity to the families of the victims while reassuring them of greater efforts by the government to reprimand and fish out these criminal insurgents from wherever they are operating once and for all. In his own words;

“But we will overcome it soon,”…
“Our hearts go to the parents of the abducted girls because it is a tragedy that has befallen all of us.”

Moreover, what was most reassuring for residents of the state was the great optimism with which he expressed that the young girls would soon be freed is that quite a large number of security agents were working tirelessly to ensure that the girls were rescued.

“We are going to survive and rebuild our lives because the truth will always triumph over falsehood,” he added.

Nevertheless, the governor drew attention to the fact that the terrorist sect prided itself on a foundation and objectives blinded by falsehood; as such it would not live to stand the test of time.

“The abduction of innocent girls is also a trial from God, and we will overcome it soon”, he said.

Recall that earlier in May 2013, the former president, Goodluck Jonathan announced a state of emergency in the three north-eastern states where there were vehement and brutal assaults but this did not yield any positive results as the killings continued in their numbers

Also, history recorded that in 2014, precisely Monday, April 14, a car bomb containing an estimated 500-800 pounds of explosives blew up at the Nyanya District bus station in the nation’s capital, killing 79 people and wounding 180.

According to the news estimated to the general public back then, victims and their relations were still ruing and trying to come to terms with the bomb blast, when gunmen widely understood to be Boko Haram militants invaded the Wala Village, some 130 km southwest of Maiduguri, the Borno capital, assassinating 18 villagers and injuring many more people, a few days later,

This, therefore, has been the bane of challenges of insecurity faced by the country to date.

The military and other security agencies within the federation have had cause to engage these insurgents in fierce battles majority of which they have emerged victorious and Nigerians are still. very hopeful that the battle will be eventually won by the federal government and that this whole ugly episode will be concluded once and for all.




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