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Goodbye my son Ugochukwu George Aniemena

Ugochukwu George
Ugochukwu George
My eulogy for Ugochukwu George Aniemena is probably the hardest task I have ever faced. But notwithstanding the pain and sorrow that I feel,, I must say goodbye to my beloved Nephew, Son, a personal friend and ally.
How do I begin to describe Ugochukwu, a meek and kind hearted Nephew who will go to any length to lend hands to family members and strangers as well. At a very tender age and during a visit  with his grandma, the sight of his fellow kids running around without shoes,, got him so depressed,  that he broke down and started crying and said ” These people  are very poor, they need help.” For most of us this is a normal sight signifying nothing. At the same time, he had the resilience of a lion to fight against the oppression of all manners of injustice-more the reason why my late brother Benson nicknamed him THE LION.
Handsome with full aesthetics of nature by the grace of the Lord, he also harbored an in-depth knowledge of subjects of life, from science and arts to philosophy et al. He was an untapped genius.
His camaraderie was equally bar none, his ever smiling face and happy go lucky ways are still fresh on my mind. We enjoyed so many wonderful times together irrespective of the wide age bracket.
Ugo was my permanent companion whenever I visited Nigeria, gracious enough to share his room where we cracked jokes and shared intellectual ideas.
Ugo was the one that ushered me into a waiting taxi when I departed for the airport during my last visit to Nigeria, telling me “Go well uncle, may the Lord be with you.”
Our usual communication continued after my return to the US via phone calls and SMS’s. As he never forgot to wish me a happy new month.
How do I begin to share the void that he has left in my life? They say that we should not question God, forgive me Almighty for
letting my emotions get in the way.
It has been sleepless nights of illusive reversal of this scar on my mind, but unfortunately, I must accept the fact that the will of God has prevailed. And for whatever reason, I know that Ugo is resting peacefully with the Lord. He that giveth has taken.
Goodbye my Nephew, Goodbye my son, Goodbye Ugo boss,Goodbye the Lion,Goodbye Government Baby, Goodbye Biggie.
The song you used to sing for me is still ringing in my ears “Let’s dance in style, let’s dance for a while
Heaven can wait, we’re only watching the skies. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst. Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or let us live forever
We don’t have the power, but we never say never
Sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip
The music’s for the sad man”  But then again we are mortal beings.
You left us broken hearted, but it was not your intention but God’s will. We shall meet again in Jesus Mighty name, please allow we sinners a seat in heaven, because you are an Angel.
Rest in peace my son as the tears in my hopeless eyes keep falling.
Ike Agbatekwe
Maternal Uncle
Editor @ Large
Life and Times News
Los Angeles, California
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