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God is watching you


You’re eating bread and akara yet you’re updating your status with “I love this Burger” – God is watching you.

Your account balance reads N0.20 yet you’re singing “She must chop my money” – God is watching you.

You go buy pant for alaba-suru market (bend down select), yet you come write “I love my new Victoria Secret” – God is watching you.

Your mom sells stock fish and your dad changes money, you turn around and say your parents are into stock exchange! – God is watching you.

Your home is having a night vigil with some folks and you write down “Clubin Thinz” on your PM – God is watching you.

18 years old and you’re dating a bros of 41 years and your PM says “Can’t wait to see my baby” – God punish you – Is that your baby or your daddy?

You and your friend are on seperate okada and you tweeted “Convoy Thinz” – God is watching you

Your mother and your sister have pot belly and you insist your girlfriend has a flat tummy – God is watching you.

You update your BBM status with “I love ONLY you boo” and 45 girls/boys message your privately with “Thanks luv” – God is watching you.

You’re 34 and you’re still playing for the Nigeria’s Under 21 football team – God is watching you.

You know the baby belongs to that youth corper at your office, but you told your husband “Honey, I’m pregnant” – God is watching you.

You travel go Togo, come back Naija dey speak British English – God is watching you.

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