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Funny Pastor


In one of the churches in Nigeria, a brother walked up to the altar to give his testimony, below is his testimony:

Bro: Wao.. ma name is Collio, am a fucking America citizen, i came to this fucking Nigeria to implement a fucking contract.

As he was giving his testimony, the pastor called 1 of the ushers to please tell the man that such language is not allowed in the church.

The usher approached him and notified him to mind his language, the bro still continued,

Bro: i really want to thank God that after the fucking contract, i made some fucking million dollars.

Immediately the pastor stood up and collected the microphone from him.

Bro: Pastor, what the fuck are you doing, i just wanted to announce that i want to give a fucking 5 million dollars as my contribution to the church growth.

Immediately the pastor called the man back and

Pastor: church i will like to appreciate God in this fucking brother’s life for making him come from his fucking country to be blessed in this fucking country. Church i want you to please stretch forth your fucking hands and pray for this fucking brother that God will continue to bless his fucking life.




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