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Funke Akindele Exits Nollywood as she Embraces Politics, Declares herself Incoming Lagos Deputy Governor

Funke Akindele
Funke Akindele

By Uche Amunike

Multiple award-winning actress and Nollywood star, Funke Akindele has said her goodbyes to her acting career, and movie production as she has fully become a politician and doesn’t want to be distracted as she joins  the political terrain.

Speaking, during an interview with the Punch Newspaper at the Premiere of her latest movie, ‘Battle on Bukka Street’, the 45year old actress made it clear that she was gladly passing the baton of production to younger people in order to face her new political journey.

Hear her: ‘I am excited about my new movie titled ‘Battle on Buka Street.’ A young guy called Jack owns the original story. The guy is a newbie in the entertainment industry and the talents we showcased on ‘Battle on Buka Street’ are young and fresh. Nollywood should get ready for the new faces. Working with young people has really touched my life; so, anytime I hear that they have something new to work on, I quickly jump on it and support them’.

Funke Akindele, who is popularly known for her popular movie, Jenifa’s Diary, recently joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) where she is now running mate to the party’s Lagos State governorship candidate, Olajide Adediran. She admits it hasn’t been easy, but that she is determined not to give up, no matter which challenges she faces.

Her words: ‘Nothing good comes easy; my mum has always told me that you have to work hard, pray harder and you learn patience to get to the top. So, moving into politics, yes there are a lot of backlashes, a lot of no, but don’t forget, I got a lot of no before I got here today. Everybody can’t support you, and if they do so, that means you are not doing something good. So, you must get people to criticise you constructively; you pick the constructive ones and be better with it. I have learnt to be better, calmer, more dedicated and not to give up.’

About the movie, which she maintained would be her last in the movie world, she explained that it was centered on the ups and downs being faced by family and the richness in our culture as a people.

Hear her: ‘ The movie is about a family, the hustle and bustle in the family, the ups and downs, and the fictions. All I wanted to preach on ‘Battle on the Buka Street’ is to celebrate our culture, our food because I love African food so much, and to also celebrate oneness in the family, state and country.’

Funke Akindele, while also trying to bring to light, the cultural essence of the movie, assured that everyone was carried along, as there was no segregation, tribalism or discrimination. According to her, it clearly preached unity in Nigeria. She has been through a lot since she embraced politics and has vowed not to be distracted in her new passion to serve her state.

This bold and talented thespian has indeed made her mark in the entertainment industry and will certainly not be forgotten in a hurry.



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