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Foreign minister’s tweet on Xenophobia sparks row


THE renewed attacks on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africans took a new twist on Monday. This followed the “Enough is enough” tweet by Minister of Foreign Affairs Geoffrey Onyeama.

There was a row on the social media with Nigerians and their South African counterparts exchanging banters.

Onyeama described the perpetrators as “mindless criminals”.

He said Nigeria would take definite measures against the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

The minister, who stated this on his Twitter handle, described the South African police as ineffective, adding “Enough is enough”.

The minister, however, did not to state what measures the government would take.

Onyeama’s tweet reads: “Received sickening and depressing news of continued burning and looting of Nigerian shops and premises in South Africa by mindless criminals with ineffective police protection.

“Enough is enough. We will take definitive measures.”

The tweet sparked reactions from South Africans and Nigerians, blaming one another on twitter.

Yolanda Gielink asked Onyeama: “Why are they (Nigerians) not trading in their own country sir?”

Emeka Nnodim said South Africans continue to attack Nigerians because they knew that the Government lacked the political will to take action.

Kagiso Matlala replied the minister to “come and take your Nigerians in South Africa because they are damaging my country.”

Obioma wrote: “I, we wish these words would be as heavy as it sounds. I wish these words will bring South Africa to their knees. I wish these words will make Nigerians beat their chests. I wish these words will shake the government of South Africa.”

Enetomhe Stephen said Nigerians would support any retaliatory actions that the Federal Government would take against South Africa, adding “we have been so patient and understanding for long. We can’t take it again.”

Solomon Apenja said: “It is time to show South Africa fangs and prove to them that we can bite. Recall our envoy to Pretoria and expel their High Commissioner from Abuja. Also withdraw all further security guarantees for South Africans and South African businesses in Nigeria.

“For every day Nigeria continues ‘brotherly’ discussions with South African authorities who do nothing. Our government further exposes Nigerians in South Africa as prey for easy picking. Nigerians are not the only foreigners doing business in Mzansi. They can’t try that nonsense with nationals of other countries.”

Hope Ikuru said: “Nigeria should ask all South Africans in Nigeria to leave in 24hrs.  Thereafter, immediately freezing all bank accounts of South African companies and individuals in Nigeria.”

David Mpina made jest of Nigerians, saying “Dstv, Mtn and others are companies giving Nigerians service they need. We don’t need hairdressers in South Africa. How about you give us some doctors, Maths and Science teachers? You can’t come all the way from West Africa and open a salon in South Africa.”

Dr Peter Okereke responded: “The truth is that the South African black youths are lazy. Most of them live in ghettos. They come to city daily with free train rides.”

Source: The Nation




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