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FG summons Indian high commissioner over attack on Nigerians


The federal government has asked the Indian government to ensure the immediate arrest and prosecution of those responsible for attacks on Nigerian students in India.

Olushola Enikanolaiye, permanent secretary, ministry of foreign affairs, made the call in Abuja at a meeting with Nagabushana Reddy, Indian high commissioner to Nigeria, on Wednesday.

Four Nigerian students were attacked by a mob during a candle-light march for a teenager, who died of suspected drug overdose.

Enikanolaiye said the call for the prosecution of culprits was necessary to serve as a deterrent to others and to forestall future occurrences.

He said that the high commissioner was invited to register the federal government’s concern over the incident.

“It is therefore, a concern to us that Nigerian students in that place were harassed, beaten up and many of them were seriously injured,” he said.

“We think this should not have happened considering the excellent relationship between two of us — the two countries have things in common and have been great friends.”

According to him, the concern of the ministry is that such a matter should not be allowed to affect the relationship between the two countries.

He expressed concern that the incident was not the first of its kind.

“This is not the first time this would happen; Nigerians have suffered similar attack in the past; so, what we will like to see on this occasion is that the perpetrator should be arrested.

“And we want to see diligent prosecution so that it would serve as a deterrent to those who think they can take laws into their hands and harass students who are going about their studies.

“That is why we felt we should register our concern to you on this occasion, and to please ask your government to take effective measures that this does not occur again.”

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  1. That should always be their first action when any Nigerian is attacked anywhere, even here at home. Call people concerned to order. #nigerianlivesmatter#


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