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FFK Reacts To Buhari’s Appointments


Femi Fani-Kayode, the former aviation minister, has reacted to the appointments made so far by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Femi - Fani- Kayode

In a recent Facebook post, Fani-Kayode who has changed his name to Olufemi Olu-Kayode, has stated that as majority of those occupying key positions in the country were from the northern part, Nigerians deserved the change they wanted.

“1. President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria – north.
2.Senate President- north.
3. Speaker of the House of Representatives- north.
4. Chief Justice of the Federation- north.
5. President of the Court of Appeal- north.
6. Chief Justice of the Federal High Court- north.
7. Secretary to the Federal Government- north.
8. Chief of Staff to the President- north.
9. Chief of Army Staff- north.
10. Chief of Air Staff- north.
11. Comptroller General of Customs- north.
12. Director-General of State Security Services (SSS)- north.
13. National Security Advisor- north.
14. Director General NIMASA- north.
15. Chairperson of the Independant Electoral Commission (INEC)- north.
16. Comptroller-General Immigration- north.
17. Accountant-General of the Federation – north.
18. Commander of Civil Defence Corps- north.
19. Chief Security Officer to the President- north.
20. ADC to the President- north.
21. Principal Secretary to the President- north.
22. Senior Special Assistant to the President on media- north.
23. Chairman of the EFCC- north.
24. Head of Service- north.
25. MD of Nigerian Ports Authority- north.
26.DG of National Communication Commission (NCC)- north.
27. Chairman NDLEA- north.
28. CEO AMCON- north.

“Nigerians wanted ‘change’ and now we have got it. Noone should complain because this is what our people wanted. Those of us that warned the country that this would happen were insulted and lampooned. Now we have to live with the consequences of our choice. For the next four years. Welcome to the new Nigeria. Welcome to ‘change’,” the statement read.

However, a day earlier the former minister, who served as the spokesperson for Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential campaign, hailed the appointment of Abba Kyari as the chief of staff to president Muhammadu Buhari.  He described Kyari as a good man and one of the brightest minds in the country.

Meanwhile, Nigerians expressed confidence in Buhari’s government and its ability to improve lives of people.

Uncle Fani Kayode sir, Northerners are more honest and will not steal us to death like our Delta rangers and we the Yorubas!” Ay Olagbem expressed his assurance.

“These people are Nigerians, we don’t refer to them as northerners when it comes to talk about serving Nigeria and they have reached their present positions through merit not just because they are from the north . Please, don’t make so much noise let them work. You had your chance but blew it away,” Tijani Gallima Gashua noted.

“The south has been in the seat of powers for more than 12 years but ended up with cronies who squandered the economy and left Nigeria like a beggar nation. Let’s see what the North will deliver to Nigeria. It’s not who occupies the seat of power but who can run an honest and transparent government that improves the life of the people who elected them.  It’s shameful to hear people like Fani Kayode talking about the new government. He is one of those that abused people’s trust,” Bank Okonkwo wrote.

“PMB has not done wrong, we have 6 geopolitical zones, 3 are from the north. Even with the federal character, appointements will never be equal. More importantly we need corrupt-free leaders. If it takes PMB’s wife, children and extended family to liberate Nigeria, so be it,” Chukah Honnah wrote.

Honestly, I don’t know why we are arguing this. For the sake of Nigeria, if northerners wil be in vital positions and things wil be wel in Nigeria, then so be it. I don’t care abt the tribe of the person, let him or her deliver,” Anopue Vinmartins Chidi expressed the opinion of many Nigerians.

“Nigeria is quite disgusting at our level of understanding. Why do people always attach the Igbos, Hausas or Yorubas, while making a comment? We claimed to be so educated but we have never been able to eliminate tribal sentiments. Buhari’s appointments has been made and we must live with it, we did not determine for GEJ when he was appointing during his time, though it’s one sided but it’s our voting right that will determine our appreciation of his policies and patterns of administration,” Samson Uche noted.

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