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FCT Minister, Wike Assures Great Strides Under Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda


By Uche Amunike


The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) minister, Nyesom Wike, has assured Nigerians that the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu, is indeed progressing and will achieve great strides through an improved economic system, empowerment of Nigerians and enhanced infrastructure.


Speaking, during the FCT minister’s press corps retreat, held in Keffi, Nasarawa State and themed: ‘Building an Environment that Benefits a Smart City’, he assured that the recent moves made by the FCT administration to bolster its Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), shows a commitment to self-sufficiency and sustainable growth.


According to him, it was also a step that showed a dedication to fostering economic resilience and reducing dependence on federal allocations.


The FCT minister who was represented by the Director press, office of the FCT minister, Anthony Ogunleye, stated that the theme for the retreat was indeed apt. Hear him: ‘By adopting this theme, you are once again demonstrating your support and partnership in governance as well as helping the Administration by brainstorming on a major issue in the management of the city.’

‘I therefore, commend you for your high sense of purpose and thorough grasp of the developmental issues confronting the FCT Administration as it works to launch the city into the circle of the best cities in the world.’

‘I acknowledge your passion for the city and your partnership with the Administration through which you have proven that the media and the government can be partners in progress.’

‘I commend your dedication in orchestrating this insightful gathering. which aligns seamlessly with our aspirations for a brighter future that resonates with the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.’

‘President Tinubu’s vision in the Renewed Hope Agenda embodies the essence of progress, innovation, and inclusive growth.’

He described it as an agenda that the enhances the infrastructural systems, as well as economic advancement and empowerment of Nigerians. According to him, it is expedient that they, as propagators of this vision should translate the aspirations into tangible actions that positively impact the lives of our citizens.

He further averred: ‘It is a stride towards financial autonomy, allowing us greater flexibility in implementing developmental projects that directly benefit the residents of our city.’

‘The concept of a smart city is not merely an ambitious vision but an imperative step towards ensuring sustainable urban development and an enhanced quality of life for our citizens. It involves the integration of technology, innovation, and strategic planning to create an environment that is efficient, resilient, and responsive to the needs of its inhabitants.’

He reiterated that it was important to create an environment that benefits a smart city through multifaceted efforts, adding that it not only involves leveraging technological advancements. Thanks oIt also has to do with prioritizing health and well-being at every level of urban planning.

Hear him: ‘Initiatives such as accessible green spaces, efficient waste management, sustainable transport systems, and promoting healthy lifestyles contribute significantly to this vision,’ he stated.11:16


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