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Father Of 3 Sets of Twins Resurfaces After 3 Months


Few days ago, news went viral about father of three sets of twins who disappeared after his wife delivered the third set.
New report has it that the father of six has reappeared from his hideout after the government wade into the matter and helped the abandoned mother to cater for the children.

The absconded father, Uche, is a factory worker who eloped in April 2015, about a month before his wife, Ruth, delivered their third twins. In an interview with The Nation, Uche revealed that life has been “unbearable and miserable.”

He revealed that life has been so rough since the birth of their first set of twins at Beesam, Mafoluku Oshodi, stressing that even after the second twins there was no changes in their standard of living.

He revealed that it got to a time when he had to send his family to his village in Abia state because he does not have enough to pay for rent at their Oshodi apartment, maintaining that he had to squat with friends and later brought back his family when he got another apartment in Agege, where their present abode is.

According to him, the condition keeps getting worse as the kids often go to bed without eating, except the water they drink.

“How do I watch my kids suffer? I could not tolerate it. I did not even have money to assist my family. I watched them suffer daily, without knowing what to do. There were nights I watched my children sleep without food. Some days I will buy N100 garri and akara (bean cake) for my family. Because of my low income, I was always in debt before the end of each month.”

He further revealed the terrible situation.

“I am a factory worker and I earn N33,000 after tax and union fees. Then I have four children and a wife to take care of, which has been very difficult, I could not stand having a new set of twins that will come to this world to suffer. Initially, I thought it would be a child, probably a boy so that I would have two sons and three girls, but when I learnt it was twins again, the only thing that came to my mind was to run away.

He further explained how he eloped.

“It was not an easy decision and I have not been happy knowing that I abandoned them. My wife is a very good woman and I love her. I love my children too. I became frustrated when I called my brothers for assistance and they did not even answer me. I just dressed up that morning, I knew I won’t come back but I didn’t tell her so that she would not feel bad.

Meanwhile, during a phone interview, Uche declined to disclose his location until his wife took over the phone, and stared calling him sweet names as well as assured him of her love in their native Igbo language.

Please do not hang up the phone on me my heart. Just listen to what I have to say. I understand that things have not been easy but you should know that we have suffered alot. Please come back to me and your children. No one will arrest you because you are still my husband and I still love you. Anyone who arrests you will kill me first.

That was when he could open up when the phone was handed back to the reporter.



  1. Thanks for publishing this story. In Nigeria, we have the highest rate of twins birth in the world – 1 out of 20 and in the United States – it is 1 out of 79. Please forward a contact number for the family so that I can raise some awareness about their plight.

    Otunba Ayo Ogunduyile, ISE


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