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EXTRA: N547k to Ghana, N920k to Kenya — travel agency unveils relocation package for Nigerians

 travel agency
travel agency

Aero hub travel and tours, a travel agency, says it is offering a relocation package for Nigerians to Ghana and Kenya.

In a flyer found online, the agency said it offers options of air and land travel to Ghana which costs N547,800 and N470,800 respectively.

It said the cost for the air travel covers the plane ticket, five days in a hotel, airport transfer, and one year of rent.

The costs for land travel include transportation and one-year rent as well.

According to the agency, relocation services to Kenya costs N920,500.

It said the money covers flight tickets, five-day hotel accommodation, airport transfer, rent and visa fee.

The contact person for the agency said a yellow fever card and proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test will be needed for the relocation. He added that relocation to Ghana could be done on the same day of payment.


This development comes amid rising cases of insecurity across the country ranging from attacks to abductions which have caused many Nigerians to seek opportunities to relocate to other countries.

In a recent incident, gunmen attacked a Kaduna bound train around Kateri-Rijana area of Kaduna.

The train was said to have nearly reached Rigasa, its final stop when the gunmen struck.

Some passengers were killed while others were injured and abducted.

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) said 22 passengers are still missing.

The NRC said it confirmed the safety of 186 passengers and that 51 phone numbers on the manifest are either switched off or unreachable.




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