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Ex-Minister Dalung Faults Buhari Again!


Uche Amunike

Former Minister of Sports, Barrister Solomon Dalung has listed what he called the major problems of President Muhammadu Buhari.
He made this assertion at the Army Resource Centre, Abuja Tuesday, during the presentation of a book titled ‘Buhari in Us’, written by Haruna Abdullahi.
He said, ‘When I finally met Mr. President, he said, ‘I know you are somebody who can tell someone how it is. I would want you to tell me anytime, anything however bitter or however hard it is.’
‘My covenant with him is to tell him whenever he is right and also whenever he is wrong. The President has remained the man I know since then’.
‘Buhari has not changed. But Buhari is like an angel who is invited to dance in the mud and Nigerians expect him to return to heaven with a clean robe. Certainly, it would not happen’.
‘The second problem of Buhari is that he believes so much in himself and insists on doing what is right. But he also does not believe that the environment upon which he operates is different from what he is’.
‘The last problem is that Muhammadu Buhari is one of the most unfortunate leaders who meant well for the country but so many people who are supposed to help him succeed are just folding their arms watch him and say ‘do it let’s see!’
‘And it is the ‘do it let’s see’ syndrome that has made the Buhari government subject of attacks from Nigerians.’
Recall that this is not the first time that Dalung of the APC has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari.
Recently, he did say that the APC had reneged on its promises to address the remnant in security challenges in the country, especially in the North.
Solomon, who served as a minister during the first tenure of Buhari mentioned that one of the major promises of the party was to address the problem of insecurity which it has failed to deliver. He was of the opinion that the APC has since lost its reputation in the eyes of Nigerians, adding that nobody will trust the party again until they did the needful to win the confidence of the people.
His words: ‘What type of government is this that you have to pay bandits before they allow you to go to the farm? What will be the future of the North if you have to pay bandits for you to access your own farm? Now, it is not easy for me to travel in the North. Security challenges have put doubts and fear in many people. For you to travel now, you have to pray and fast for your safe return’.
He continued, ‘we struggled for this government to come to power but it could not satisfy our needs. We have said the truth to the past governments and this is our government and we also have to say the truth, no matter what. It’s our responsibility to say the truth.
He referred to APC as a dwindling party that needs effort to be made to rescue it from collapse.


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