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BBNaija Reunion: Erica’s Withdrawal Of Apology To Laycon Generates Reactions

Erica laycon
Erica laycon

On Monday night, after Erica withdrew her apology to Laycon on the BBNaija Reunion show,  Nigerians reacted.

Recall that Erica during the BBNaija reunion show said she regrets apologizing to Laycon.

Months ago Erica apologised to Laycon for threatening and raining insults on him.

However, on Monday night, the reality star, when asked if she could ever reconcile with Laycon said she regrets apologizing to him after seeing all he said about her in the house especially his conversation with Vee.

“There is no chance to reconcile now. Time has gone. I made a video apologising for using those words I used on him but coming out of the house and seeing videos, I regret the video and I take back my apology,” Erica said.

Her statement has since stirred diverse reactions from Nigerians on social media.

While some of her fans ‘Elites’ commended her for taking back her apology, adding that Laycon didn’t deserve it, others condemned her.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Zamaswati “ Erica, I’m glad you took back that apology. Laycon definitely didn’t deserve it.”

@Donadeshina “ That Erica girl said she takes back her apology. So all that curses he deserved it? Such a stupid person.”

@Siphamandla “ Erica threatened to kill Laycon and now says she takes back her apology, wow what a psycho.”

@Symplyemerald “ Above all, I love how Erica spoke her truth and took back the apology as to me, Laycorn didn’t deserve it.”

@Pamziness “ Thank you for retracting that apology, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry about when it comes to that manipulator, you were well justified, Erica Nlewedim and another person may have done far worse than you, if placed in your shoes. You really endured a lot in the hands of corn.”

@Thealtagracia “ Thank you Erica for taking back that apology. It was undeserved.”

@Imma_Udoh “ Erica is delusional, no evidence of growth, very defensive and zero accountability lol. Typical femco behavior. Like say na Laycon cause her two strikes, babe hasn’t even healed.”

@Am_ethy “ GBAM! My girl has taken back her apology so that simply means THE DRUMSTICK REMAINS TO BE A DRUMSTICK. He remains ugly as my girl said. You can’t fool Erica twice!

@FavorGrace “ Listening to Laycon and Erica speak on their issue. I now know why People chose Laycon as their winner. Laycon is so full of wisdom.”

@Joeworld4 “ She wants to create a toxic environment in the reunion but Laycon is not giving it a chance. My president is smart.”

@AggreySelma “ Erica came,spoke her truth, took back her apology and left! That’s my Queen!

@Nuella_May “ Let’s not lie, If Laycon wanted to be manipulative and seek pity votes, he would have cried his eyes out the night Erica rubbished him and dragged him by his medical condition.”

@PrinceChrisMUF “ Laycon poured water on all the fire Erica was bringing. Man didn’t even allow it escalate.”

@Ize “I will say this again, Erica has nothing to apologize for!! The first apology was a mistake!!

@Pengmanmodel “ For me it’s still the way Erica apologized to everyone in the house without even giving one glance to the main person she insulted & wished death on. But now has the guts to come and call Laycon Fake? Loooool!Her apology was the fakest thing in that BBN house.”

@Fadekemi_xo “ Erica saying she takes back her apology shows she really deserved the disqualification. Laycon is obviously not ready for this negativity but his music.”

Source: Within Nigeria



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