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Enough is Enough: “We’ll no longer condone those striving to throw Nigeria into chaos” -DSS


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

According to media reports, The Department of State Services (DSS), has in a statement addressed to the general public, warned everyone against all sorts of agenda be it political, personal, ethnic, or religious, that is geared toward dividing the federation. They issued a stern warning stating that they will no longer tolerate those seeking to throw Nigeria into pandemonium.
The note of caution was reportedly announced as a result of the speculations and rumors of actions of an alleged group of individuals who were looking to profit politically and financially from the current crisis and challenges of insecurity bedeviling the nation. The administration of the DSS, therefore, disclosed that they are no longer ready to entertain any form of “misguided elements” who are threatening Nigeria’s unity and peaceful co-existence and are strongly advising anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in such actions to desist from doing so in the best interest of theirs, or face the l wrath of the law.
The above statement was announced to the Nigerian populace via the public relations officer of the DSS, Peter Afunanya, who remarked in a statement that; “Henceforth, the service will no longer tolerate those whose aim is to “throw the country into anarchy.”
Meanwhile, news sources, TheCable, quoting the DSS spokesperson, disclosed that; “While the Service reaffirms their unambiguous support to an indivisible, indissoluble and united Nigerian State following the provisions of the Constitution, it will no longer tolerate deliberate machinations by subversive and hostile groups whose agenda is to throw the country into anarchy to serve the interests of their sponsors.”
“Consequently, the Service is assiduously working with other security and law enforcement agencies to ensure the maintenance of peace and internal security of the country.”
It is interesting to note in the opinion of Afunanya, that the suspected culprits responsible for these various forms of threats to the federal government and Nigeria’s unity are “some religious and past political leaders who have either called for a forceful change of government or mass action against it.”
“It has been established that the main objective for these is to cause a disintegration of the country,” he added.
“It is unfortunate that those in the forefront are respectable individuals who should be patriotic and not allow their ambitions to ruin the nation. The Service has also noted their desperation and penchant to collaborate with external forces and influences against Nigeria.
“They are reminded that even though democracy offers free speech, it does not give room to reckless pronouncements capable of undermining security. It is instructive to note the self-centered box remains the vehicle of change in a democracy.
“In this regard, self-centered individuals and groups are warned to stop engaging in acts inimical to the peace and sovereignty of this nation. In the same manner, influential personalities should be sensitive to emerging situations and guard against divisive and inciting utterances that may cause a breakdown of law and order.”
However, according to deductions from independent observers, the statement of caution from the DSS is coming in a timely fashion because it was issued immediately after the continuous agitations and sustained calls for Nigeria’s breakup came from both the proponents of the Biafran government and some other individual groups as well as citizens who are already aggrieved and are pushing their policy for religious/ethnic recognition as a result of a strong feeling of marginalization.
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