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End SARS: BBNAIJA Star Mercy Eke – “Our Political leaders have disappointed and failed us woefully.”

Mercy-Eke on End SARS

Mercy Eke a popular Nigerian celebrity and winner of the 2019 edition of the BBNaija reality show, has added her voice to the end SARS movement and lamented the plights of Nigerian citizens and the insensitivity of the government towards their welfare.

Taking to Instagram, Eke shared a photo of herself taken at a protest ground.

Mercy narrated her own personal life experience stating how difficult life had always been for her until she eventually hit stardom by auditioning and winning the BBNaija reality TV show in 2019. She also happens to be the first and only female winner of the reality show till date.

Meanwhile she claimed that she has gone through a lot, and knows what it means to experience hardship especially in a country like Nigeria where prices of goods and services are always on the increase. She said she could not help but to identify with the protest even though she was doing okay, because she couldn’t forget her humble beginnings.

The reality TV star noted that the leaders in the country have failed citizens and they have also refused to listen to their cries. She said it’s time we call on the leaders to take responsibility because they have disappointed us woefully all these past years, and there is no going back now because the dice is cast already. She also added that she and other protesters will not stop making their requests known till they are met.

In her words;

It is so sad that our political leaders to whom we have collectively entrusted our socio political and economic welfare in their care have failed us, the same people who thrive in a life of affluence at the expense of the citizenry, have refused to hearken to our cries for emancipation from continued acts of suppression, which has deprived us of socio economic and sustainable welfare. Now the youths have come together in solidarity to say we deserve better, this peaceful protest is for all of us, we are not stopping until our demands for better governance and society are met in truth and not just the usual verbal rhetoric.#endswat #endsars#endpolicebrutality”

Majority of the protesters were in high spirits and claimed that it was an encouraging and welcomed development having the popular reality TV star join in the campaign against police brutality and for an improved standard of living of the Nigerian citizens.

They claimed that the presence of renowned and prominent personalities like this will make the federal government see the seriousness attached to their request and demands for political reforms.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese.
Staff Writer



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