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“It’s A Pity”: Empress Njamah Reacts After Ada Ameh’s Family Claimed She Opened Mourning House

Empress Njamah
Empress Njamah

Nollywood actress, Ada Ameh’s death cast a pall in the movie industry as people mourned her and spoke on the things she passed through.

Just recently, the late Ameh’s relatives took to social media and appeared to accuse actress, Empress Njamah of opening a mourning house without their consent.

Taking to her social media page, Empress reacted to the claim in a post that has since gone viral.

The film star eulogised her late friend by posting a video of their time together as she noted that the she was surprised about the things she was seeing online. According to Empress, a lot of things have been brought to her knowledge but it is not the right time to speak because she wants to mourn in peace. She however noted that it is really a pity and that there is time for everything. Empress added that the time for her to talk will surely come. Part of her post reads: “Glad I can now get on my phone and have the strength and courage to type,IT IS WELL,it’s amazing the things am seeing on social media, many things brought to my knowledge, it’s not the right time to speak, let me mourn in peace BUT it’s really a pity, there is time for everything, and the time for me to talk will surely come but for now let me heal.”





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