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Splendid! As Emmanuella Builds A House For Her Parents



It is no longer a far-fetched reality that the entertainment industry has created lots of opportunities and financial comfort for many in Nigeria, especially youths who invest their time and talents, and genuinely put in their efforts to rise to stardom by gradually winning the hearts of their fan base.

Recent report revealed how a young and prominent talent of the MarkAngel social media comedy skits, and actress popularly known as Emmanuella built a house for her parents with just a quarter of her savings.

The popular Nigerian actress and comedian recounted the joy and excitement she felt being able to accomplish this feat at her young age and bring smile upon her mother who were the beneficiary of the house.

The 10-year-old star in an interview session with the British Broadcasting Corporation disclosed further her plans to buy a car for her father. Emmanuella also spoke of how her uncle Mark Angel reminded her of her promise to build a house for her parents and that made her to embark on the project and to fulfil her earlier promise of building a house for her mother.

According to her the building project began in 2019 and after consulting her manager, she divided her money into four parts of which she used one to build the house for her mother.

A video also went viral on social media which showed her in conversation with her mother, and her recalling the story behind her fame and successes as well as the new house gift for her mother. She also gave a tour of the house to some fans that were present at the event.

This news would definitely serve as a motivational boost for everyone out there especially the youth who genuinely wants to achieve success no matter the obstacles or hindrances that come their way, because it will ignite a strong belief that no matter what they feel, they can achieve what they want if they work hard.

Gift Joseph Okpakorese.
Staff Writer

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