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Elderly man overjoyed as he meets his son’s Oyinbo wife for the first time



A man who had long wished to meet his son’s Oyinbo bride finally got his wish.

This emotional and touching gathering took place at the family’s home, where they created memories that will definitely last a lifetime.

The man, who had been eagerly awaiting his son’s wife, an Oyinbo lady, finally had the opportunity to approach her when she opened the gate.

As they embraced for the first time, the anticipation and excitement were evident.

The man was presented to his granddaughter upon entering the family home, and another wonderful embrace ensued.

The Oyinbo lady, who was similarly pleased about the encounter, sat next to the man and struck up a discussion.

Netizens Reactions…

@Mwontune reacted; “He looks like Regina Daniel’s husband.”

@Ashi ashi okasha said: “This type of wife is everything. Bro, take care of her bro. She is everything.”

@Sonofablackman wrote: “That’s my father right there.”

@Sinachlight commented; “This made me cry I swear, so beautiful and sweet.”

@Candy73747 said; “This was genuinely beautiful and heart warming. wishing your family msny years of happiness.”

@JamWoula_S said; “It really touched me.”

@Blablahblah_07 said; “I pray God take away any evil intentions, and continue to keep your home happy n blissful.

@Osumare simbiat bukola said; “It’s the daddy for me, just how I call my dad.”

@User7687043564133 said; “I love how humble you are you will go places and Ypu going to be favored everywhere.”



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