Edo 2020: Jubilations, as Obaseki wins Edo Gubernatorial elections

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    Edo 2020, Godwin Obaseki

    The long anticipated  Edo 2020 gubernatorial elections have come and gone and a winner have emerged, in the person of the candidate of the PDP.

    Governor Godwin Obaseki of the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party)  scored the highest votes in Edo State governorship election held on Saturday 19, September, 2020.

    He was declared winner of the exercise by the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), on Sunday 20th of September 2020 at about 2:00pm.

    Obaseki of the PDP polled 13 LGA out of the 18 local government areas of the state with a total votes 307,955. while APC scored a total votes of 223,619. The difference being 84,336.

    Obaseki of the PDP polled a massive conquest of Fifteen LGA out of the 18 Local Government areas of the state.


    Majority of the citizens of Edo state were obviously in jubilant mood and high spirits, at the declaration and announcement of the PDP candidate, Governor Godwin Obaseki, as the winner of the elections. They gathered in the Kings Square popularly called Ring Road with umbrellas singing and chanting four plus four ‘Torgba” and ”Ogbane” while dancing to the tunes of popular musical artistes.

    There was palpable fear and initial uncertainty few hours to the elections amongst citizens, especially with the rumours of the possible house arrest and monitoring of the PDP party Governor Nyesom Wike at the hotel he lodged within the city.

    There were rumours and reports of calls from security agencies, warning and requesting him to leave the State as the elections were none of his business, but he bluntly refused to adhere to such oppressive warnings and instructions.

    The above led to the restriction of his movement within the city. This ploy however, did not unfaze the resolve of the people to vote the candidate of their choice and conscience.

    Citizens came out in their numbers to exercise their franchise and after voting, they waited behind to ensure the results were collated at their various polling units and sent to INEC for proper documentation.

    Meanwhile, in some polling units, some voters requested that their votes be counted, to which the INEC officials duly obliged.

    In other polling units, short video clips were being taken with mobile phones and digital cameras. Pictures of voting activities were being snapped and audio messages were being recorded as well to further verify the authenticity of results, as well as to guard against any form or act of electoral malpractice.

    In all, reports gathered showed that the election was basically peaceful as very minimal acts of violence were recorded and witnessed in majority of the polling units.

    There were reports of some incidents of massive vote buying to which both parties denied and later referred to as appreciation, compensation and transportation fees for those who came out to vote.

    The general feeling within the state however was that of joy and happiness and the popular word ”Ogbane” (which means completed), and phrase ” four plus four torgba” (which also means four plus four must be complete) could be heard on the lips of many of the PDP supporters.

    In the opinion of many citizens, they claimed that this election was indeed a victory not just for Edo state alone, but for Nigeria’s democracy in general.

    It is a true testament and statement that the opinion of the people mattered and that their will prevailed, without any form of political manipulation or oppression according to many independent observers.

    The APC party and the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, have sent their congratulatory messages to the victorious candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party. The PDP camp however, are equally jubilant and hope this exercise, will spell the dawn of a new era to the great people of Edo state, in their political and socioeconomic quest for development.


    Gift Joseph Okpakorese

    Staff Writer




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