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DSS: Interim Government Plot By Misguided Politicians is Real, Stop or Face the Consequences


Misguided politicians plotting interim government, DSS warns | The Nation  NewspaperBy Uche Amunike

Owing to findings by the Department of State Services (DSS), interim government plots by some misguided key players in the country was an aberration that would bring about an avoidable crisis and undermine civil rule in the country, if not stopped.

This was made known in a statement signed and released by the spokesperson of the DSS, Peter Afunanya’ and titled ‘DSS Confirms Plot for Interim Government By Misguided Political Actors’.

Part of the statement read: ‘The DSS has identified some key players in the plot for an Interim Government in Nigeria. The Service considers the plot, being pursued by these entrenched interests, as not only an aberration but a mischievous way to set aside the constitution and undermine civil rule as well as plunge the country into an avoidable crisis.’

‘The illegality is totally unacceptable in a democracy and to the peace-loving Nigerians. This is even more so that the machination is taking place after the peaceful conduct of the elections in most parts of the country.’

Afunanya further stated that according to the findings made by the DSS, interim government meetings have been held by these plotters severally, where they planned to sponsor violent protests in major cities in the country with the aim of making it lead to a declaration of a State of Emergency.

His words: ‘The planners, in their many meetings, have weighed various options, which include, among others, to sponsor endless violent mass protests in major cities to warrant a declaration of State of Emergency. Another is to obtain frivolous court injunctions to forestall the inauguration of new executive administrations and legislative houses at the Federal and State levels.’

‘The DSS supports the President and Commander-in-Chief in his avowed commitment to a hitch-free handover and will assiduously work in this direction. It also supports the Presidential Transition Council and such other related bodies in the States. It will collaborate with them and sister security and law enforcement agencies to ensure seamless inaugurations come 29th May 2023.’

He maintained that the people involved in those plots should have a rethink about their actions, especially the judiciary, the media and Civil Society Organizations, as the DSS was ready to resort to every legal means in their reach, just to ensure that the democracy being enjoyed by Nigerians is not tampered with.

Hear him: ‘Consequently, the Service strongly warns those organising to thwart democracy in the country to retract from their devious schemes and orchestrations.’

‘Stakeholders, notably judicial authorities, media, and the Civil Society are enjoined to be watchful and cautious to avoid being used as instruments to subvert peace and stability of the nation. While its monitoring continues, the DSS will not hesitate to take decisive and necessary legal steps against these misguided elements to frustrate their obnoxious intentions.’

According to the DSS, interim government in the country at this time will thwart democracy greatly, as such, all players involved should retract their steps or face the consequences.

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