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DJ Cuppy Insults Social Media Troll Who Made Enquiries About The Source Of Her Exotic Bulgari Jewellery

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DJ Cuppy

The  name DJ Cuppy, could be said to be one of the prominent and most Vocal Nigerian celebrity on social media  channels and this is as a result of  the fact that she’s not  just only socially active but she’s used to making sensitive and controversial comments that causes major attention, trolls and create room  for criticism and reactions from fans. She is also fond of sharing videos of herself and pictures of events anchored by her as well. These little videos skits, photos and comment are oftentimes laced with flavours that sometimes stirs Social media reactions and controversies.

The Nigerian celebrity is also a fantastic music DJ as her name suggests, as well as a lover of good music and  life of the party. Cuppy is an ardent follower and sports enthusiasts, especially in football. Her passion for football was recently displayed in a funny but passionate video skit where she denounced her loyalty and love for an English premiership club Arsenal ( the Gunners) and pledged her new found love for another popular English club Manchester United (The Red Devils), due to the fact that she was already tired of her former clubs Arsenal who were performing badly and had not been able to win trophies for a while. but only gave her heartbreak upon heartbreaks.
The above action of her’s caused quite a stir as usual on social media as Arsenal eventually  went on to win two trophies against all odds. This made many of her critics as well as the English club she abandoned to troll her and thank her as well for bringing goodluck  charm to the club by her denouncement.
She’s always involved in one form of banter or the other on social media and she never fails to live up to her critics by replying back swiftly as well.
Just recently she responded and slammed a social media troll who asked about the source of her expensive Bulgari jewellery  saying “your Papa”
The whole fiasco actually began when  DJ Cuppy  in her characteristic manner, took to her twitter and Instagram page to flaunt the luxury Bulgari ring, necklace and wristwatch which she hinted her new man bought for her. According to sources close to her the Bulgari wrist watch and other jewellery  she displayed was worth N11m
Meanwhile fans in their usual nature, are always  inquisitive and wants to know whatsoever is trending or happening in the lives and careers of their favourite or rival celebrities.
Some fans and followers began to react and question the luxury life style of the Disc jockey  saying “Where do they see this kind of money to purchase such expensive  jewellery?”
Thus, a particular individual  who though was confident  enough and in what seemed like an innocent and unprovoked questioning, a took to his twitter user took page and asked, “Who bought cuppy £27K Bulgari?
However, when the tweet got the attention of the award-winning disc jockey and Gelato crooner, she immediately tackled the nosy Twitter user for the audacity to question the source of her expensive Bulgari jewellery and replied “Your Papa”.
Meanwhile, its worthy of note to say that  DJ Cuppy is still single but has hinted that she plans to retire from music after achieving her dream.
Gift Joseph Okpakorese
Staff Writer
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