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Decline your reinstatement as Emir of Kano, Tijjaniyya leader tells Sanusi



The leader of the Tijjaniyya Islamic Movement, Mahi Nyass, has called on Lamido Sanusi to reject his recent reinstatement as the Emir of Kano.

Nyass told Sanusi to follow the precedence set by his grandfather.

Nyass’s advice comes in the wake of the Kano state government’s decision to amend the emirate law, resulting in the reinstatement of Sanusi and the deposition of Aminu Ado-Bayero as the Emir of Kano.

Ado-Bayero, however, is challenging his removal in court and has occupied the mini palace of the emir in defiance of directives by the state government.

Nyass, in a letter dated 3 June 2024, urged Sanusi to decline his reinstatement and follow the example of his grandfather, Muhammadu Sanusi, who reportedly rejected an offer for his reinstatement after he was similarly dethroned.

“We, the family of Shaykhul Islam, Gausuzzaman, Qudwatuna ilaa Rabbina, Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass of Kaolack, Senegal, are compelled to speak out on the recent developments in the Kano Emirate, our proud state, as a centre of (the) Tijjaniya brotherhood,” Nyass stated in the letter.

“We draw inspiration from the exemplary leadership of (the) late Khalifa Muhammad Sanusi, who refused to be swayed by personal interests and declined reinstatement after his dethronement. We therefore urge Khalifa Muhammad Sanusi to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and prioritise the peace and stability of Kano.

“We kindly call on all to put the interest of the people first and work towards a peaceful resolution that is legally accepted. We pray for the divine guidance and wisdom for our leaders to reign in Kano State and Nigeria.”

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