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De javu As Suspected rapist is brutally beaten to coma in Ondo after plucking victim’s eyes.

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Suspected rapist

Cases of rape are no longer new within our various communities and the whole country in general. Funnily enough despite the continued awareness and educational tips against these nefarious acts, many seem to engage in it and claim to get their sexual gratification from it.

Psychological studies has revealed that there are various psychological ailments associated with those involved in rape activities and moreover those who are victims of rape do suffer in return some emotional trauma which in extreme cases could have diverse negative effects in the lives of such victims.

That is why victims of rape who are fortunate to survive the act, are oftentimes advised to seek medical attention to ensure that they are not infected with any form of STDs or pregnancy, as well as to engage in the healing process of a counselling session in order to help overcome these traumatic experiences.

It still remains a fact that no matter how hard various groups and organisations such as; Human rights activists, NGO’s, Traditional and Societal customs, Legal system as well as Religious and Moral education etc, insist on the evil nature of this act and even go further to put up strict punitive measures against rapist, they’ll probably not see the need to change and reason to desist from this evil act.

Just recently it was reported that a suspected rapist was beaten to coma by a mob for raping and plucking out the eyes of his victim in Akure, the Ondo state capital.

According to eye witness reports, the suspect and the victim are confirmed to still be in a state of unconsciousness at the state police clinic in the state’s capital.

News sources Vanguard gathered that the ugly incident occurred at Oluwatuyi area of Akure metropolis.

As understood to be their pattern of operations, news sources disclosed that the suspect ambushed the victim and forcefully raped her and thereafter plucked her eyes so that she would not be able to identify him after the incident.
What a cruel and sad reason to render one blind for life.

Meanwhile, news sources confirmed that the continuous shouting and alarm raised by the victim drew the attention of residents within the area that caught him in the act and descended on him mercilessly.

If not for the timely intervention of police detectives who promptly arrived at the scene of the mob action, and aborted plans by irate youths to set him ablaze, the victim would have long been cremated alive.

Upon further enquiries it was reported that the suspect is from the Northern part of the country who refused to disclose his identity or where he came from to perpetrate the dastardly act.

When quizzed by reporters, about the crime, the spokesperson of the police command, Tee Leo lkoro confirmed the ugly incident. Ikoro however, contrary to earlier claims that the suspect was from the northern part of the country, disputed that the suspect is an Hausa man but that he’s from Benue state.

He also added that the police detectives have not been able to conduct an investigation and extract information from the suspect because he’s still very unconscious as a result of the severe beating he received from the visibly angry youths who caught him in the act.

Furthermore, the police public relations officer also noted that they haven’t been officially notified by the family of the victim about the tragic episode.


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