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Davido Is Taking Over Radio Stations In America!


Davido’s “Fall,” 19-months after its release, the track is gaining traction on the airwaves in the United States.

The growth has been gradual: 482 plays to date, spread across 36 stations, according to Nielsen BDS, which tracks radio activity.

BDS also reports that four new stations added “Fall” into rotation recently.

Even with this development it is too early to tell if Davido can establish a new path from Nigeria to the American airwaves.

But there’s no denying that when listeners hear Davido’s music, they are immediately compelled to figure out who sings it.

Eliciting that level of interest in America is no small feat for an African singer.

Burna Boy, Tekno and Wizkid have all tried to transform songs like ‘Rock Your body’, ‘Pana’ and ‘Closer’ into US hits, but failed.

But the machinery that creates hits in the U.S. remains conservative, even in the supposedly “new” era brought on by streaming.

So, Davido’s success appears to be light for other Nigerian artistes.

There appears to be light at the end of the tunnel for Nigerian music in the United States as it searches for that breakthrough.

Source: Bounce NG



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