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“Daniel you have been doing PR back to back for poverty” – Reactions as Daniel Regha shares ‘proper breakfast’



Popular Twitter user Daniel Regha has stirred up debate by suggesting that boiling yam with sauce made from palm oil makes a hearty meal.

Daniel Regha has already published some of his delicious recipes on the X platform.

This time, he offered a platter of boiled yam with a sauce made of palm oil, which he strongly suggested having for breakfast.

Captioning the photo, he wrote: “A proper breakfast; Boiled yam with palm oil sauce…🤗”

A few online users questioned whether he was alright and why he couldn’t stop spreading the word about poverty.

View a few responses below:

Abuja Podcaster asked: “BRO ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE OKAY?”

TeeTalk said: “Daniel food tray is less than 1k, why double the plates? Every month you unlock NEW POVERTY LEVEL”

Damson suggested: “Proper breakfast” what about Pap and Akara… You are still learning 💯. Pap always comes first when it comes to breakfast, research it.”

Popey wrote: “Daniel you have been doing PR back to back for poverty since last year, how much did she really pay you?



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