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CUSTOMER: na wa oh! Person go dey call una on top him money, na nonsense music una go dey carry person play, abi una think say na flash i dey flash since?
CUSTOMER SERVICE: thanks for calling customer service. my name is kingsley, how may i help you?
CUSTOMER: help who? If i tell you my problem una go fit help me?? Na una get problem yet na una go dey ask person him own problem. For the past three days now,network no dey my phone, i no fit send text, call out or even browse, shey na by force to give the whole nigeria free browsing? Una carry the browsing wey people pay for
give people wey no pay still yet na promo una claim say dey happen, which kind level be
CUSTOMER SERVICE: we apologize for
any inconveniences sir, what’s your name and where are you calling from? CUSTOMER: na thunder go disvirgin all una mouth, na my name go solve the problem? Abi craze dey play draft with ur head? I say i collect number frm one fine girl since on Friday reach today, i never call am! And i wan carry am comot dis saturday today na Friday already, As i dey talk so i never fit
call am, make una no fall hand θ.. Cos ah don send am N1k card.




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