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Crime Rate Spirals as lockdown continues


Some residents of Lagos and Ogun states are living in fear over attacks during the lockdown imposed by the government to check the spread of coronavirus.

There have been reports on robbery in different communities in both states the last three days.

Some Nigerians took to Twitter to share their experiences while others sought the assistance of government.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

I was driving on Victoria Arobieke yesterday in Lekki Phase 1 & met a road block of fierce men with placards that read “Hunger. No food. No jobs. Lockdown”. Begging for money.

When we shout poverty, we aren’t discussing some theoretical nonsense. This #LagosUnrest is the result.

— Ayò Bánkólé (@AyoBankole) April 12, 2020

Tolulope Alli@2tolu

We are securing the area ourselves… over 100 men on standby.. thanks to Nigeria police too @PoliceNG I have seen 6 patrol van moving area the area #abuleegba #LagosUnrest .. I rep Clem Road… Agbado area

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DANNY WALTER 👑@Danny_Walterr

Robbery Reports are coming in from, Alagbado, Agbado, ijaiye, Abule Egba, Agege, Ogba, Akute, Ota, Sango.

The residents turned to Vigilante, to secure the area. Are we on our own now? 💔
#LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest

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Dr. Dípò Awójídé@OgbeniDipo

Woke up to #OgunUnrest yesterday. Woke up to #LagosUnrest and #OgunUnrest today.@PoliceNG, please do more to protect citizens from danger. All DPOs and stations should have their men patrolling round the clock. This is a very delicate period.

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The Robbery attacks in Ogun, Lagos and Oyo proved that SARS is very active. Very active in looking for young men and labeling them Yahoo boys instead of prioritizing the safety of the lives and properties of civillians. Shame!
#OgunUnrest #LagosUnrest

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Omni fresume@oluwafiresanmi

This is Special Anti-robbery squad in my area.

Abule egba#LagosUnrest

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Justifying these robberies with “what would the poor eat” is like justifying rape with ‘konji’. No sense#LagosUnrest

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HENRY O@GidiLover

Dear Lord,

We do not have the capacity to battle COVID-19, Hunger & Armed Robbery all at the same time.

By the power in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, forgive us our sins and grant us the grace to overcome this trying period.

Amen 🙏#LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest

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Dr. Guendouzi ( Young Lion )@fimiletoks

#LagosUnrest The military should be deployed at this point to crush these bastards robbing Lagosians and residents of Ogun state. These guys are thieves, gang members and cultists. They are the same set of miscreants who rob market women, extort okada riders, steal in traffic..

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odutuyo seun@sheunsoft

So many people are getting their facts wrong ,you see this guys going around to rob where actually jobless frm day1 even bfor lockdown,they are d guys u see in slums,ghetto,buspark &co,they are just using d lockdown as a reason to perpetuate their evil act #LagosUnrest

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👁️🗨 El-SaNo LeoChizzy™✳🇳🇬@el_leochizzy

If you reside in the following areas
Abule Egba
Iyana Ipaja

May God protect you all from Armed Robbers. Amen

Me: what exactly are the authorities saying/doing about this whole mess?
We have a failed Govt.#LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest

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Alex Teflondon 🎯@lex_teff

Dear Nigerian youths,this is how d revolution will start, we all came out in our large numbers in unity and one voice to protect out communities and our families last night from armed robbers. Soon we will come out against greedy and corrupt leaders for a better nija #LagosUnrest

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AyeMojubar 😷@ayemojubar

There is no better time for full deployment of Amotekun in the South West than now.

This is purpose for which they were created.#OgunUnrest #LagosUnrest #Lagos

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Dr. Joe Abah


Good morning, Commander @TunjiDisu1. A number of citizens are currently living in fear and there are reports of brazen attacks in broad daylight. What is the current position regarding #LagosUnrest please?

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Are the police also staying at home? Are Nigerians left alone to defend themselves now without the support of armed forces? #LagosUnrest

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👑 Obong Ekpe 🐯@Ody_johnson

I really feel for the people affected by the #LagosUnrest and the #OgunUnrest, imagine going into a gun fight with machetes and shovels.

Just imagine one of those criminals pulling up even the old 1974 Kalashnikov rifle (AK-74) on y’all with machetes.
Just imagine the assault.

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PorPorRee 💫@VEJ0ME

Buhari is affecting the whole country?

Buhari is customs DG that clears tramadol into NIGERIA?

Buhari is FRSC staff that take payment from Multinationals and lower their tax?

Buhari is SARS who attack Yahoo boys but cant stand against Thieves?

Buhari is not our problem.


If they are robbing in your area, call the Special Anti Robbery Squad and say some yahoo boys are doing party in your area, making noise and throwing money in the air. In fact you suspect they just bought new cars, You will see them in 5 minutes #LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest

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Hon. Adekunle Lebile@AdekunleLebile

I learnt those robbers are called 1 million boys, they ve been terrorising some parts of Sango, Ogun. They have made their way to Agbado Ijaiye axis, Adura, Ijaiye, Meiran, U-turn to Abule egba. Robbing in broad daylight. Lagosian should ensure they #StaySafe #LagosUnrest

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𝓢𝓱𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮 🇳🇬🇬🇧🌶📌@MishDeeJohnson

No weapons to protect themselves from armed robbers, yet they were outside all hours of the night trying to protect their families and communities. 💔💔

This is Nigeria. A country that supposedly has a government and a police force. What a disgrace
@PoliceNG #LagosUnrest https://twitter.com/diy_ola/status/1249104406752231424 


😔😪😪😪😪 Now I’m part of a vigilante group

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Kawthar Ahmed@kawtharrrr_

My parents live around AIT Road, Agbado. I knew nothing about this #OgunUnrest #LagosUnrest until midnight. I called my Dad and apparently, all landlords stood guard outside till morning. This is scary.

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Alao Afeez Oluwatamilore@afeezOluwatami1

Apparently it’s not about about maintaining social distancing or keeping to #Covid_19 precautions — residents around #LagosUnrest and #OgunUnrest are really experience cases of robbery attack. Special Anti Robbery Squad and the @PoliceNG should please do something about this.

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First it was Ogun state and nothing was done,now it’s getting to some parts of Lagos&guess what??Police and SARS are nowhere to be found yet!These guys harass innocent civilians daily but now that they are needed,they not showing em faces. Our country has failed us😒#LagosUnrest

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These guys are taking advantage of the fact that there is lockdown to rob people. They’ve always been criminals, it’s not because they don’t have something to eat. They want to oppress people and take advantage of this situation.#LagosUnrest #OgunUnrest

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With all this going on lagos , Abule Egba, Ogun state I think We really need Amotekun to be functional in full force. Cos it’s clear now that the Special Anti robbery squad ‘SARS’ has failed!!!! #LagosUnrest

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The Revolutionary Seeker (WAEC)@The_Seeker76

Why are the masses always at the receiving end?

From Ikeja GRA, Allen to Alausa, the number of police, NSCDC & LNSC patrols I saw in the daytime could start a mini war

How come they become invisible in close but poor neighborhoods like Ogba, Fagba & Abule Egba?#LagosUnrest

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Moji Sensei Delano@MojiDelanoBlog

Barely slept overnight because neighbours and excos turned Vigilantes were keeping watch and had to be making a lot of noise to alert any potential robber not to be stupid…
Yet there is a Police station about 3 buildings from my estate.
Sigh. Las Las Psalm 127:1.🙏🏽#LagosUnrest

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