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Col Sakaba Died in Active Service, Not Assassinated, Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army assassinated Col. Ibrahim SakNigerian Armyaba for opposing looting funds  for Boko Haram war: Widow
Nigerian Army

By Uche Amunike

Contrary to the online media reports that Colonel Ibrahim Sakaba was assassinated, the Nigerian Army, NA, has stated that the late officer died in active service.
In a statement issued on Thursday by Brigadier General Director, Army Public Relations, Onyema Nwachukwu, the Army High Command got the information that an article posted online went viral and indicated that the widow of the late Colonel Ibrahim Sakaba alleged that her late husband was assassinated for not agreeing to loot funds meant for fighting the Boko Haram insurgency.
The statement explained that the wife of the late senior officer made several comments considered uncomplimentary about the Nigerian Army, referring to claims that are considered unfounded, baseless and untrue.
The Nigerian Army in the statement made it clear that they had no intention of joining issues with any individual because of the priceless sacrifices it made on a daily basis by their gallant officers, but however found it necessary to address the allegations made by the widow of their deceased member.
The statement further explained that the Nigerian army appreciates the emotional trauma that comes with loss of loved ones, describing it as not just unquantifiable but immeasurable.
He described the death of the gallant senior officer as being same with those other officers and soldiers who paid the supreme price fighting terrorism in the North East.
These men and women, he said, died in active service as they sought to restore peace and stability in the North East.
He further stated that fighting for the country was a constitutional mandate of the Armed Forces which makes it an assault on the psyche of those gallant officers and the height of mischief for anyone to habour the thought that they had any plans of plotting against one of their own.
He maintained that their troops only relentlessly fought for the country under the leadership of the commander for operational engagement which meant that it was clearly a military mission with a laid out objective and not a plot as anyone may try to insinuate.
They found it painful that the senior officer and some of his men died in the operation and prayed for the repose of their souls.
He described the gallant Isakaba as a respectable man who was committed in the defence of the freedom enjoyed by everyone today, saying that his death was a huge loss to the army command. He maintained that any contrary insinuation by anyone was a disservice to Nigeria and to the sacrifices of their troops.
Speaking on the issue of entitlements, he gave available records thus:
Master Samuel Ibrahim Sakaba, son of the deceased is next of kin and that’s all his entitlements meant to be paid by the Nigerian army has been paid through Mrs Oluwaseun Sakaba.
As at the time of processing his entitlements the young Samuel was less than six years and as a result he was not benefiting from the Nigerian army school sponsorship. He has however reached the required age and has been captured for payment of school sponsorship which will commence any moment.
The Nigerian Army will continue to serve as sponsors to his education up to University level as long as he lives up to the rules guiding the scheme.
On her part, the only entitlement that will go to his widow is the Group Life Insurance which will soon be paid by the insurance company.
The Nigerian Army, he said put the welfare programmes for troops and their families in place, to fulfill the cardinal pillars of the vision the command.
It shall also remain focused on pursuing excellence and making sure that every Nigerian enjoys the right to be safe anywhere in the country.
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