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Clem Ohameze’s Surgery No Longer a Hopeless Situation as Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin Gifts him N8m

Clem Ohameze in tears as Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin gifts him N8m for surgery (Photos)
Clem Ohameze
By Uche Amunike
Nollywood Veteran actor, Clem Ohameze‘s surgery can be said to be a thing of the past as Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, Founder and Senior Prophet of Christ Mercy Land Church, in Warri, Delta State, provided him with a cash gift of N8m to settle his medical bills.
The thespian was involved in a road accident, two years ago that ended up damaging his lower and upper limbs. Results of X-rays taken showed that his cervical vertebrae 3 collapsed on 4 which mounted pressure on his spinal cord, thereby causing him to have slow movement of the lower limbs.
After receiving treatment for a while, he got better only to notice afterwards that he had difficulty in walking. This made him go for a CT and MRI scan. The results came out and both the surgeon and neurosurgeon agreed that what he needed was a procedural surgery that will separate the cervical vertebrae 3 from 4, so as to free the cord and restore his limbs back to normal.
His words: ‘after they showed me the procedure and how it is done I was scared. I was told that they’re going to cut open the neck and physically separate the cervical vertebrae 3 from 4 and then use iron plates to plate it with some screws so it can remain permanent. It was scary but I have no choice’.
Clem Ohameze’s surgery was slated for the first week of December and this made him go public to beg for prayers. He told Nigerians that he needed people to pray for his condition and that he needed the prayers more than anything.
The popular actor has received tons of prayers from his fans and Nigerians generally on social media ever since he came up online to speak out about his pain and challenges while being stuck and his sick bed for the past two years since the accident happened.
The prayers seem to have worked as Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s gift can rightly be said to have solved the problem of Clem Ohameze’s surgery.
On the fateful day that Ohameze visited the Christ Mercy Land Church, he was seen limping into the church with the help of two men. Eventually the founder, Prophet Jeremiah called him out and provided him with a Bible and the cash donation of 8 million naira.
The thespian was humbled into crying uncontrollably after receiving the money. He told the church that his doctors assured him that it was only the surgery that would solve his problem and they have not stopped calling him to tell him that the more time he wasted, the worse his situation became. He therefore had no choice than to push away his fear and take the decision to go for the surgery.
According to him, he needed prayers more than anything as his surgery has been booked for first week of December.
Prophet Fufeyin described him as a strong man, adding that he had seen him on the internet requesting for prayers over his predicament even before he came to his church for assistance.
Ohameze is 56 year old and has featured in many Nollywood movies. He is married with kids.
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