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Chris Brown – Singer outraged by silence in the face of Libyan slave trade


As the world begins to open its eyes to the horrors going on in Libya, Chris Brown has put in his two cents on the issue.

Following the report CNN did on the human slave market, exposing the trade, the American singer had to point out the obvious.

He complained about the world’s silence in the face of such horrors, remembering the outcry that engulfed social media after bombings in the UK and US.

See what he wrote below:

Chris Brown reacts to the Libya slave market news

CNN’s report uncovered a market where Nigerians, as well as other Africans, are being auctioned off as slaves, kept in dehumanizing conditions, sexually abused, and even killed for their organs.

The increase in migrants from African countries has been turned into a boon for these slave drivers and it is high time the world got outraged by this outdated evil.

Courtesy: PULSE

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