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Criticisms Flow as Chief Daddy 2 Movie is Labelled a Flop

Chief Daddy
Chief Daddy

By Uche Amunike

Critics and movie-watchers have greatly criticized the Nollywood comedy film, titled ‘Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke’, since it was released on Netflix on January 1 2022.


The movie, which is a sequel of the original ‘Chief Daddy’ film was directed by Niyi Akinmolayan and produced by Ebonylife’s Mo Abudu.


The original film portrays a crazy group of immediate and extended family members who struggle to claim part of the wealth left behind by their breadwinner, popularly called Chief Daddy, while the struggle to claim the wealth continues in the sequel.


Unfortunately, even though the cast is star-studded, with veterans like Joke Silva, Shaffy Bello, Funke Akindele Bello, Ini Edo, ChiguI and Kate Henshaw, the direction and screenplay left much to be desired.


Even though the producer of the Chief Daddy 2 movie, Mo Abudu referred to the movie on her Instagram page as the number one in Nigeria presently on Netflix, different reviewers have described it as a flop.


While reviewing the movie for The Premium Times, Onu Stephen described it as pointless, incredibly predictable and repetitive.


On her part, Nigerian Screenwriter, Dani Elebe said that Nollywood film makers  should begin to give emphasis to screenplay, adding that some people in Nollywood might need to stop hiring writers after they have casted and gotten locations and also give story development a chance while paying well for it.

She further added that the act of hiring only famous people and confusing them as influencers might be reconsidered in order to encourage building up of talents this year, 2022.


Nigerians went on social Media to give different reviews on the much awaited movie, Chief Daddy 2.


While some described it as an embarrassment to Nollywood, some others described it as a painful watch and in fact, a ‘must-avoid’.


Critics said that even though the original was hilarious, entertaining and unique, the sequel falls short of a storyline and a focus and that the sub storylines were too many and mostly unnecessary. There was also no coherence in the story line and roles of the characters, making it look as though the screenwriters did not watch the first part of the movie.


For example, Ireti and Dami Baggio no longer had the kind nature they were known for in the first part of the movie, while it wasn’t made clear how Tinu and Teni ended up having a joint business with Nike Williams, neither was their love triangle with their lawyer made clear. As for their lawyer, Remi Castle, she no longer played her role of the sound lawyer she was in the original. She rather played the role of a dumb pity party member of the family.


In the case of lead actors like Ini Edo, Patience Ozokwor and Nkem Owoh, they were almost non-existent in Chief Daddy part 2.


Certain stunts in the movie were entirely not necessary, just like the trip to Dubai, as well as the cliched Dubai sub storyline.


According to reviewers the producers seemed to be in a hurry to produce Chief Daddy 2, rather than create a solid and credible storyline.


The rating was pegged at 4/10, even as the movie is generally not considered a good start for the year 2022.


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