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Shocking as Catholic Priest Hangs Up Cassock, Announces He’s Found Love.

Catholic Priest
Catholic Priest
Gift Joseph Okpakorese
The general public and most specifically the Catholic world was recently greeted with the shocking news of a Catholic Priest who decided to quit his vocational calling after years of service to God and the church.
According to reports, the priest remarked that; “My heart is in love. I have found Love”  after which he decided to hang up his religious robes.
Narrating the sad but emotional story, an eyewitness report revealed that parishioners in a small town in central Italy assembled for Mass as was customary, but never perceived that they would be greeted with the shocking news of heartbreak and a direct confession from their parish priest.
The priest whose name was given as
Reverend Father Riccardo Ceccobelli, aged 42, had gone on to disclose to his congregation the surprising news on Sunday, April 11, inside the San Felice church in Massa Martana, in Perugia, that he had fallen in love.
“I cannot continue to be coherent, transparent and correct with regards to her (the Church), as I have always been so far,” Ceccobelli told his parishioners, according to a statement published on Tuesday, April 13, by the diocese
“My heart is in love although I have never had the opportunity to transgress the promises I made,” he explained.
“I want to try to live this love without repressing it, without pushing it away.”
Correspondence later gathered that Ceccobelli had been the parish administrator presiding in this relatively small  Italian town of over 3,550 inhabitants, for six years. As a result of his open declaration and confession of his feelings and desire, he obtained the approval of his superior, Bishop Gualtiero Sigismondi, who was at the priest’s side when he addressed the parish, according to the statement.
As a follow-up to the incident, and due to the fact that the story was published immediately in national newspapers, it was later confirmed that the faculty of the said priest has been withdrawn by the diocese. He has been suspended from his obligations as a priest and the rites have commenced to return him to the lay state.
 In a statement given by his superior,
Bishop Sigismondi. he remarked that;
“All my gratitude to Don Riccardo for the service done so far, .. “Above all my most sincere wishes go to Don Riccardo that this choice, made in full freedom as he confided to me, may ensure him serenity and peace.”


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