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But Lagos deserves insult – Nigerians upset at Burna Boy’s ‘double standards’ at his Dallas show

Burna Boy
Burna Boy

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Damini Ogulu professionally known as Burna Boy, held a show in Dallas, USA on Wednesday night.

It was gathered that the self acclaimed African Giant showed up late for the concert at American Airlines Center and it angered his fans who had been waiting for hours.

Interestingly, Burna Boy tendered an apology to the crowd and asked them not to be offended as he was delayed by some unforeseen circumstance with regards to the stage set-up.

When he was done with that, the Odogwu crooner asked his Dallas fans if they were ready for a thrilling show he was about to deliver and there were screams of excitement.

He proceeded to sing hit songs off the ‘Love Damini’ album, but Nigerians on social media expressed shock that Burna could be that civil towards his fans abroad because he has a history of talking down on those in Nigeria when similar incidents occur. See some reactions below:

@PopoolaGabriel8 said; Burna Boy apologized to his Dallas Crowd for coming late to the show. But if to say na Lagos, e go don swear for all of una😂😂

@Dhavidote; So Burna Boy still come late for ein show yesterday for Dallas?😂😂

@OvieO; Burna Boy just apologized to the Dallas crowd for being an hour late. ☺️ Lagos, sorry o! 🤣

@alekhueisaaco; odogwu double standards 😂😂😂😂😂

@MLD2SURE; He never apologizes to the Lagos Crowd for coming late to date.

@OmomhilaSamuel; Baba come Lagos dey insult fans for coming late. Odugwu na mad man

@MarvelChidi; People saying “he respects who respects him” I don’t understand the kind of respect you people are talking about, so because we cautioned him to stop stepping on people’s heads we’ve disrespected him?

@Great111842; Dem no born am well 😂😂 he no go apologize kee 😂 unless he won return the money for ticket 🎟😂😂😂 he no rate Nigeria outsiders

@Castle114004558; Nigeria is embarrassing I no to blame am because we no get dollars 💵 😂

@Chibuzo02553036; All of you defending Burna in the CS have self complex issues, fix up. Jeez, Is it that you all are not loved at home that make you to come online and defend nonsense? Well, it’s you people that will go to his concert by 8pm and he will come by 3am not me.

@Omojonah69; Because they respect him over there, Meanwhile in Nigeria its the opposite and even if he did apologizes to Nigerians they will still look for something else to drag him for🤷‍♀️

@Iam_Precious_A; We know as we dey do here, we no dey apologize and it doesn’t mean anything if he apologized to us or not

@j0yD_; He doesn’t rate you guys but you guys will still buy tickets like your lives depend on it

@Anu_official; He’s called African Giant for a reason. The ‘giant’ persona na within Africa

@fisafluze; this should be the norm 💥 respect fans who makes your art payable

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls Burna Boy kept his fans waiting for over 8 hours at his first ever 2023 concert in Lagos state on Sunday, January 1.

Instead of apologizing, the singer insulted his fans, stomped on their heads, amongst other things that angered his audience.

However after a lot of backlash, in a post shared on his Instatories on Monday night January 2, Burna Boy apologized to his fans for how hectic the show was for him and his crew. He also blamed the organizers of the show for the delay.
He further stated that he won’t be performing in Lagos anytime soon, until his team is able to organise a show for him.

His statement gathered mixed reactions from many who claimed he should have apologized on stage before performing rather than release a statement after over 24 hours, making it seem like an ingenuine afterthought while a few others happily accepted his apology.

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