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“Burna Boy is an arrogant obnoxious monster who hasn’t done anything remotely great” – Patrick Doyle fumes

Burna Boy
Burna Boy


Veteran Nollywood actor, Patrick Doyle, has trashed the achievement of Nigerian Grammy award-winning singer, Burna Boy, in the music industry.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls that Burna Boy, in a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, asserted that most Nigerian artists make music “without substance”.

Reacting on his Facebook page, Patrick Doyle emphasized that the credit for the achievements that seem to be boosting the popularity of Burna Boy must be correctly attributed to the trailblazers who cleared the challenging paths, enabling artists like him to navigate with apparent ease.

In his view, Burna Boy has not individually accomplished anything that could be deemed truly exceptional. Patrick said he and his contemporaries benefit from the hard work of the pioneering figures who came before them.

The actor stressed the importance of humility and respect towards the diligent and innovative forerunners. Patrick further mentioned esteemed artists such as Sunny Ade, Fela Anikulapo, Majek Fashek, I.K. Dairo, and a multitude of others who laid the foundation from the 1960s to the 2000s. He highlighted that greatness and remarkable achievements are not isolated occurrences.

Patrick encouraged his followers to avoid contributing to the formation of an arrogant and disagreeable persona.

He wrote, “The credit for the feats that appear to be puffing the likes of Burna Boy up have to be properly ascribed to the greats who cleared the thorny paths that have created pathways for his likes to walk through practically effortlessly.

“Burna Boy has not by himself done anything that can be remotely described as great. He and his peers are recipients of the labours of heroes past.

“They need to be humble and respectful of their diligent and truly pioneering predecessors. Great artistes like SunnyAde, Fela Anikulapo, Majek Fashek , I, k. Dairo and a galaxy of others who paved the way from the 60s, to the 2000s. Greatness and great feats don’t exist in a vacuum. Let us not contribute to the creation of an arrogant and obnoxious monster.”


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