Home Entertainment Buhari’s govt is incompetent, says APC senator

Buhari’s govt is incompetent, says APC senator


Buhari’s govt is incompetent, says APC senator

APC senator
APC senator

It’s always not a surprise phenomenon to see rivalry amongst political parties and particularly among outspoken political personalities who oftentimes are trying to outsmart and present their ideas as better off than that of their political opponents especially in the eyes of the general public.

What is shocking  and uncommon however, is when politicians belonging to the same political party are at war with each other and come out to make controversial statements slating the personality or revealing certain secrets of their own candidate representatives or their parties that could end up jeopardising the integrity of the said politician and party.

Its is true that the present president of the federation is from the All Progressive Congress (APC), and they had been receiving lots of criticisms from their most prominent rival party the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Furthermore, Nigerians recalled that in the past few years the APC has been going through series of internal crisis and major controversial issue that even led to the removal of his then chairman Comrade Adams Aliu Oshiomole, as well as other issues which are either subtly handled or swept under the carpet.

Recently however news sources revealed that another APC representative has bemoaned the security situation in the country and vehemently criticized the present administration despite his affiliations with the ruling party

According to reports Bima Enagi, senator representing Niger south, says the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has shown incompetence in tackling insecurity.

Surprising Senator Enagi disclosed this opinion on Wednesday 17 February while reacting to a debate on a motion sponsored by Mohammed Sani Musa, senator representing Niger east.

Musa had earlier drawn the attention of his colleagues to the abduction of some students from a secondary school in Kagara, Niger state.

According to the story, the students were whisked away by gunmen on  Wednesday February 17 2021 and nothing was done about it as everyone concerned were left clueless and speechless.

The question is how come such constant menace could be carried out constantly with all forms of impunity whilst the perpetrators are seldom brought to justice?

The senator’s visible anger while speaking on the floor of the senate. stermed from the fact that insecurity has been discussed by lawmakers on many occasions but instead of things getting better, they are getting worse.

“As my brother reported, early this morning terrorists went to a secondary and kidnapped students, small students,” he said.

“The enemies of God, bandits, terrorists, kidnappers are everywhere. Where are we heading to in this country? What else do we need as lawmakers that we are not doing? Can we rightly say that the government, is incompetent? Because this issue has been discussed here over and over and there is no improvement.

“It is getting worse, I’m sure everybody here has stories to tell about the security challenges. What else are we supposed to do that we are not doing? Are we supposed to amend the laws in this country to give every citizen freedom to carry arms?

“Are we going to amend the constitution to give more powers to the governors who are the security heads in their various states because our government at the centre is showing incompetence in handling insecurity because it is not his son or his daughter that has been kidnapped.

“I expect everybody in government to think like that.”

We cannot continue to live lives riddled with fear and constant worry for the lives of our families, our children, wives  husbands houses, place of worship education and social interactions as well as our properties are no longer safe from attacks or kidnappings. Where  indeed is Nigeria really heading to ? Why cant things be different  positive and peaceful? Very many concerned citizens  keeping wondering and asking questions while pondering of the news of security challenges facing the federation and the fact that nothing meaningful and concrete seem to be done about it.


Is it really time for various states  and their governors has earlier suggested by quite a few to take laws into their hands and begin to work out the modalities for security alternatives which would see them handle issues bothering on self defence, preservation and protection?


Gift Joseph Okpakorese

Staff Writer


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