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Buhari Plans to Have a Small Cabinet


48620-d7e9ada83639ad2264d31112381b9158Nigeria – President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari in a Vanguard interview has shown indications that the cabinet of his administration will be a small one, and that they’ll start working before their swearing in on the 29th of May.

Speaking about his transition committee, he says he plans to make sure that it is not too big. “If it is big, they will start thinking of how to influence the choice of ministers either for themselves or those they want to be ministers. But my idea is to get knowledgable and experienced technocrats who are really patriotic to study the handing over notes by ministries and make recommendations.

“I want them to be completely detached people who are patriotic Nigerians, who are knowledgable and experienced. If we get majority of politicians involved it will lead to a lot of row and we may end up with inconclusive recommendations which are not very helpful in our condition.

“When I get it ready and before it is published, I will show it to the leadership of my party and the terms of reference as well as the time limit and the result of their work, we will quickly study before the inauguration so that before we are sworn-in, we get into action,” he said.

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