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Buhari, Jonathan Meet Behind Closed Doors


Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, November 2, paid a visit to the President Muhammadu Buhari at the presidential villa in Abuja.

The meeting that went on for just five minutes was held behind the closed doors at the New Banquet Hall of at Aso Rock.

Jonathan arrived the State House at2.00pm in a black Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).


On his arrival, he headed straight for the New Banquet Hall of the Villa.

The former president was seen off to the place of the meeting with President Buhari at 2.07pm.

He left the presidential villa without talking to reporters.

This is the second time former president would be visiting Buhari since the latter was inaugurated into office on May 29.

Jonathan had paid a private visit to President Buhari at his official residence on August 6.

Goodluck Jonathan has earned the distinction of being the first president in Nigerian history to lose an election. Some political pundits  have suggested that Jonathan was the architect of his own downfall by making critical mistakes that turned the public and allies against him, and led them to gravitate towards the opposition.



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